Target: FREE La Boulange Pastry with Starbucks Beverage Purchase

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Sweet offer for Starbucks fans!  Through July 2, at participating Target Starbucks, you can get a FREE La Boulange pastry with any Starbucks handcrafted beverage purchase.  Nothing beats a FREE item at Starbucks while shopping at Target!

Thanks Hip2Save!

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  1. Real disappointment with this one. I asked the barista if the “pastry-handcrafted beverage promotion” was going on and she said “yes”. I then ordered my coffee and she asked what I wanted:

    Me: “I’d like the morning roll, please…”
    Her: “We can’t give you that one. We can only give you non-heated items, and we have to heat that one.”
    Me: “What can I have?” (thinking that I don’t care if it’s heated or not)
    Her: “One of the cakes or a cookie.”
    Me: “Ok. I’ll have a cinnamon coffee cake.”
    Her: “You can’t have that one either.”
    Me: “Why not? It’s a cake.”
    Her: “It’s a heatable item.”

    Since my coffee was already made and waiting by this time … I asked for their banana bread … I am not impressed and won’t be asking for their banana bread anywhere again. It had a strange metal taste – possibly the leavening? I’m also pretty disappointed with the manager there and won’t return until I forget this experience.

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