FREE Minecraft Event at Target (9/22 11-2)

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Mark your calendars!!  Target will be hosting a FREE Minecraft event on Saturday, September 22nd from 11-2 pm.  There will be a fun scavenger hunt, a photo op and special giveaways that will include some of the following items:

  • LEGO Creeper mini build
  • The Grid Runners mini game
  • Stickers
  • Comic book

Follow this link to find a Target store near you that will be participating in this fun event!   As an added bonus, there is a nice Cartwheel offer for 20% off Minecraft toys, books and video games which is valid through 9/22.

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  1. This was such a wash… My son was so disappointed! They made it sound like it was something special with photo ops and scavenger hunt. There were no characters to take photos with, all they handed out was tiny mini fig bars and oranges and a two page paper with 4 boring barely sticky stickers for the back of the flyer. It was a ploy to drag people in to buy new merchandise!

  2. Total scam. We got a fruit snack and a card with a code to play a demo, but they made it sound like we had to post a pic of us at the event before we could even try the game. My daughter was a trooper and stayed motivated, but it was a waste of time. I dont understand why they spent the money to advertize an event then made such little effort to actually make it an event.

  3. Scavenger hunt was easy. Station 1 had candy, station 2 was voting on a tshirt that Target would produce , station 3 was a little creeper lego figure and station 4 was a code for early access to game modes which you can’t play on ps4 but only other systems….My son was really looking forward to a *giveaway*

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