Target: Fisher Price Cupcake Rattles 90% off (only $ .48) + more hidden 90% off finds!

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Fisher-Price cupcake rattles ringing up at 90% off, if you scan them they should be only $ .48.    These are found in the toy aisle on the very outside aisle that faces the baby department.

These 90% off Christmas items will probably only last another day or two and then if you find something it will either scan full price or say “item not found”, which means it has been salvaged.   I have had mixed luck with them selling items to me that say not found.    You can give it a try though and tell them it is part of the Christmas clearance that was 90% off.

They Christmas clearance deals are slowing down, but here are some other deals to look for (for the next couple of days):

Clothing and Accessories (women’s PJ’s, coin purses, belts) that have a silver xhiliration tag  90% off

Pure Gear phone and iPad cases  90% off (I found several in the electronics clearance)

Various electronic toothbrushes (Crest My Way – Pink, Crayola, Star Wars) 90% off

Rachel Ray Brown & Bubble Set  $4.99


(Thanks to Amy for the photo!)

Market Pantry Holiday Fruit Snacks $ .19

Market Pantry Holiday Granola Bars $ .19

Dunkin Donuts Gingerbread and Mint Coffee (found on reg. aisle) $ .78

Betty Crocker Gingerbread cookie mix $ .20

Betty Crocker Mint Chocolate Chip cookie mix $ .20

Bathery Mini Bath Sponge $ .09 (check for these where the regular bath sponges are, I found some mixed in)

Please let us know if you have found any hidden deals.   Thanks!

Thanks Megan, Amy, and Jennifer!

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  1. I found the nightmare before christmas t shirts and toddler christmas shirts in their normal isle they were all 1 dollar, I found the Colgate winter watermelon toothpaste 29 cens on a back end cap they had a bunch in the heath and beauty section, chocolate covered ritz crackers were a quarter. I also found the pegged chuck cars in the toy isle they were 39 cents. I would have loved to looked in toys more but they were working in there. I also found a yellow tag hello kitty hair bows for 10 cents. I then went to my marketplace krogers and they were doing 70% off that was fun. I have to say thanks to all of you I wouldn’t have thought to look all through the store if it wasn’t for you all.

  2. I scored an awesome round mirror side table for $6! Originally priced at $69.99! I was also able to snag some hanging frame sets. There are 7 frames in the set and they were originally $39.99 but on sale for just $3.99! I got my hands on 10 sets. They make great Christmas presents for some families next year! 🙂

  3. Found some random women’s pajama items with silver tags ringing up 90%. In the bra section found flannel shorts for .99 and socks .29 – all had silver wrapping on them. Found gift cards with airplane kits – loaded $5 on each to use next time and got a great freebie for the kids. Got 4 free bags of coffee, but other than that my store was pretty wiped out.

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