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Target Easter Clearance 70% off??

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We have heard from several people that the Easter clearance has been marked down to 70% off, with the food hitting the 50% off mark.   If you stop by to check out the clearance at your store today make sure you scan an item or two because sometimes they forget to change the % off signs.

This clearance should also include the items that were in the dollar spot section.   I also noticed that it included some spring kitchen items at my store.   Watch for the following items I believe to be a part of the Easter clearance, you may find them in the kitchen department.


I’m sure you can figure out that anything with the a bunny or an egg is part of the Easter clearance, but I wanted to point out the small pastel bowls in particular.


I found these tiered trays to be part of the Easter clearance too.

Once you go shopping we would love to see your photos.   You can share photos any of the following ways:


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