Target Dollar Spot: Pink Dot Items now 50% off

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Pink dot items in the Target Dollar spot are now 50% off , this has been confirmed at the Puyallup, South Hill mall location .  Most of the have a “school” theme, here are just a few of the examples of the items you can pick up for only $ .50.   If you don’t see a sign at your store, make sure you scan one of the items, there was no sign up at South Hill but they are ringing up at $ .50.

Don’t forget, these items will go down to 70% off too.

Please let us know if you see these go 50% off at your store.   These items are great to use for party favors or even stocking stuffers.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this!!!! My target NEVER tells when these are on sell! You are the best! I just went in and picked over the items and got a few things I’ve been watching for weeks!

  2. I was at Renton Landing Target last night (around 9pm) and they had quite a bit of Lorax items. It was too busy for me to try and take a picture and I had the kids with me. I’m guessing, there were probably 40 Lorax items. I think mainly sticky notes. I did not see pencils.

  3. Had all these items and many more for 70% off at North Aurora, IL Target. Great stocking stuffers! They are trying to make room for Christmas items. 70% off all pink dot and orange triangle. Sweet!

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