Target Dollar Spot: DIY Magnet Clips

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I just wanted to share how I turned the wooden clips that I bought from the Target Dollar Spot into magnetic clips to hold my kids’s important papers. I bought the 3-pack of wooden arrow clips for $1 and simply glued a strong magnet on the back. I thought they turned out nice!

These magnets hold my kids job charts on an organizational wall that my husband and I built in our laundry room. It holds also holds their backpacks, but more importantly it just looks really nice!

This is part of a Spring Cleaning and Organizational Bash that I participated in with other Northwest Bloggers. If you are interested in viewing the whole process I went through to clean and organize my laundry room (which also stores all my craft supplies and is the organizational hub for our family) head over to Thrifty and Thriving to check it out! Just promise you will still like me after you see how messy my laundry room was.

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  1. I use similar clips in lots of different ways in my classroom. However, no matter what kind of glue I use, the magnets always come apart from the clip! What kind of glue do you use? I have tried hot glue and super glue and neither work. Help!!

    Your newest follower,
    easy peasy education

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