Target Dollar Spot is now Bullseye’s Playground #BullsEyesPlayground

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Target Bullseye Playground

Target Bullseyes Playground

Target has reorganized the Dollar Spot and named it Bullseye’s Playground. As usually they have filled with with tempting goodies priced at $1 and $3. I am noticing that there seems to be less items price at $1, but that’s ok because the $3 items are pretty sweet.

Here is a peek at the new section and some close-ups of some of the items.

Target dollar spot Christmas



Cute wooden signs for Christmas are $3.   These wood be fun to put on your mantel.


How adorable are these Christmas striped cake stands?   They are $3.00.


Once again they have cute glass bottles.  I think these would be great to put treats inside and you can gift them to your neighbors or coworkers.   I’m kinda loving the polka dot chalkboard for $3.   The chalkboard charger is really cool too.


I am a sucker for cute gift tags and the new ones they have stocked are awesome.   Hello…I need those ones with the jingle bells.

PicMonkey Collage (2)

Both of these items are $3, a cute clipboard Christmas Wishlist and a cute canister full of tags and twine.


This 6-pack of Chalkboard Easels were $3.  These would be great to use when you want to label the dishes you have at your Christmas party.


Again with the cute gift tags, only this time they include twine.    I am surprised I made it out of the store without buying any of this cute stuff.   I am going to have to go back!   I am having non-buyer’s remorse!


Lots of cute stockings and stocking stuffers for the kiddos.


Tubes or ornaments for $1 and light up plastic figures are $3.


Star Wars is huge right now so they have an entire section for Star Wars items which would make perfect stocking stuffers.


Travel mugs are $3.00.


There is a whole section with Alex art and craft supplies.    I really like this brand!

Are you seeing anything you HAVE to have?   I’d love to hear about some of your faves from the newly redesigned Bullseye’s Playground (I’m sure I’ll still be calling it the Dollar Spot).

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  1. I am curious to see what the different styles of Christmas stocking hangers they have for $3. My target store ran out of them so fast there was only one left for me to buy! So I never got the chance to see what or if they have different ones. Do you know?

  2. I work at Target as a cashier. I don’t always have time to look at he dollar section, but it is my favorite part of the store. Thank you for posting pictures of the Bulleye Playground!

    1. Hi, since you’re working in Target, do you still know if they have those $1 mailboxes ? I would love to get them but they don’t have it in Malaysia. Would you mind helping me get one and posting it to me ? I’ll pay you through online. Hope you’d contact me personally, really wanting that mailbox. Tq.

  3. I’m disappointed in the new/revised section. The decorations don’t thrill me and loved all the $1 things I could find; especially kid stuff. I’m especially disappointed in not being able to buy the $1 Mickey Mouse Everyday Planner that Target carried the past few years.

  4. My daughter’s friend had this dollar item from Target and I finally found what she is looking for on your site! It’s that colorful folding thing right under the Santa stockings next to the recorder. Do you by any chance know what it is called and possibly where I can find one to buy?! Any help would be appreciated!!

    1. Hi, I’m from Malaysia, do you mind helping me get the $1 mailbox from Target and posting it to me as we don’t have them here. I can pay you online, hopefully you’d reply, really wanting to get that mailbox.

  5. Is there a way to purchase bulk quantities of these items? If so, how is best?
    I tried locating a particular blanket scarf at the local store where the computer stated they had 26. Employees however could not locate any. Thanks.

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