Target Dollar Spot: Black Star Items 50% off

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one spot black star

If you head to Target soon make sure you check the dollar spot section, all black star items are 50% off. If you don’t see a clearance sign at your store, grab one of the black star items and scan it to see if it is actually 50% off.

These items should go to 70% off in approximately 3 days after they hit 50% off.  I will be sure to update you if I hear when that happens.

Shelley found this markdown at the Puyallup South Hill Mall location.

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  1. My daughter and I were at Target on Saturday (8/31) and ours was marked down, too. Mostly school stuff (flash cards, planners, Crayola activity books, math workbooks, classic paperbacks) and character stuff (Star Wars Angry Birds, La La Oopsie, Minnie and Monsters University).

  2. I’ve been stalking mine, and yesterday it was 50%, today it was GONE! And Halloween was there! They had TONS of 50% off yesterday evening and first thing this morning everything, including the signs were gone. I feel pretty sad!! Glad I got a few things at 50% and didn’t hold off…!! We just moved to an area with only 1 Target around, so feeling a bit shorted on the Target deals already!

  3. Same here in Tustin CA location. All black star items were being removed. No 70%. Infact when I scanned a black star item it rang up at $1.00

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