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Target Dollar Spot 50-70% off!!

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Make sure you check the Target One Spot if you plan on heading there soon. I am getting lots of reports that there is some clearance. Most people are finding workbooks and school supply type items. CJ let me know that her store in Atlanta was marked 50% off, but everything actually rung up at 70% off today. Woo hoo!

I’d love to hear about any great deals you find. Also, since they are clearing things out it means that we will see new items for fall very soon. I can’t wait to see what new items they bring in!

Thanks to CJ for the photo!

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  1. My store was 70% !! No signs so it was still fully stocked. I found all sorts of fun stuff. They even had .30 frozen dry erase boards.

  2. My store (VA) was all marked 70% off with red dots. It was getting to be fairly picked over, so I’m guessing it was on sale for a day or so already and I saw it yesterday.

  3. I thought you couldn’t use the cartwheel app on clearance items. On my Cartwheel app, it says discount does not apply to clearance items, but I see on your receipt that it worked. Does it depend on each store? Does anyone know for sure?

  4. I’ve always been able to use cartwheel on clearance items…. until today. I bought a ton of stuff from the Dollar Spot today, but only 3 things registered with the Cartwheel. I don’t get it! And I just noticed that 2 of those 3 items didn’t ring up as 70% off but I know I verified the black triangle on everything I bought. So bummed!

  5. Only two things were on clearance in my store (AR). Everything else was full price and the cashier was so rude, I just bought them so I could leave.

    1. That is frustrating! I highly recommend using the scanners to double check prices before I check out, especially when it comes to the dollar spot clearance because some times it’s hard to tell which items are on clearance. You may give that a try next time.

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