Target Weekly Clearance Update

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It’s time for the Target Weekly Clearance Update! Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location. I am located in the PNW.

There are lots of great clearance deals throughout the store because lots of departments are making room for new merchandise. Here is what I found marked down at my store this week.

I found several Hearth and Hand items marked down to 70% off.

I spotted several frames marked down to 50% off at my store.

This ello cup (and several others) were on clearance for 70% off.

Lots of mugs were 50% off an priced at only $2.49.

Ping pong balls were 70% off.

These Razor scooters would be great to pick up at 50% off (it would be even better if you can find them at 70% off)

I found a few 70% off deals in the electronics department.

There are tons of books on clearance right now.  I found seveal at 70% off.

And lots more at 50% off.

I also spotted quite a few kids shoes marked down to 70% off.

I found several cute sets of women’s socks marked down to 50% off.

There are also some great 50% off markdowns in jewelry and accessories.

I found custom skincare kits at 70% off.

You really need to walk up and down the beauty aisles looking for the yellow tags on the shelves.  There are lots of great deals!

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