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Readers’ 90% off Target Halloween & Dollar Spot Clearance Finds

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We are super excited to share a bunch of photos of our readers amazing 90% off Halloween and Dollar Spot finds!! You can also check out all of the photos of 90% off deals we found today at our store!  I’ll have a photo of my shopping trip posted tomorrow.   Also, don’t forget to check Starbucks for seasonal clearance too.

First, make sure you check for these chips, they are ringing up at 70% off. Thanks to Shannon for the photo! Heads up! A couple people have mentioned that these scanned $2.79 at their store, but at the register they rung up at $7.99 so keep an eye on things when you are checking out.

Check out the Crayola items Alicia found!! These would make excellent stocking stuffers.

Don’t forget to check the dog treats (Thanks Helena!)

Charlene was thrilled with all of her 90% off finds!

Oh wow! Helena got lucky and found these wall chargers for 90% off.  These were part of the Dollar Spot clearance but they may end up in the electronics department.

Woah! Check out the really cool backpack Gaby found!  She also picked up lots of fun decor.

I love this cool wreath Beth scored!

Stefany founds these shirts at 90% off and the Star Wars lightsabers too.

Check out all the cool things Wendy found below.

We’ve had a blast looking at all of the super Halloween clearance deals you found. Please feel free to share any photos you may have any of the following ways:

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