Target Weekly Clearance Deals

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Here is a peek at the clearance deals we found at Target this week. Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary at each location. I am located in the Pacific NW.

Most of the fans were finally marked down to 70% off.  My store had a ton in several different styles.  If you have the room to store them, buy you fans now for next summer.

The remaining swimming and outdoor summer toys FINALLY made it to 70% off.  My store had and aisle full!

Lots of goggles at 70% off.

Puddle Jumpers were 70% off.  I highly recommend these for little ones, they are awesome!

Found a few toys marked down to 70% off.

The Easy Bake Ultimate oven was also 70% off.   You can get some of your Christmas shopping done now.

As per usual, I found phone cases marked down to 70% off.

Nice selection of backpacks also at 70% off.  I was really surprised that I found so much marked down to 70% off today, even more surprising I didn’t buy a single thing.  I’m pretty sure I deserve medal.

More art art supplies at 70% off.

I found several different Keurig machines marked down to 50% off.

There were also some Ninja Brewers at 50% off.

There are some nice sets of pots and pans that are 50% off.  Keep an eye on these we should see them go 70% off sometime this month.

Woah!  There is some MAJOR Magnolia Hearth & Hand clearance happening.   A bunch, and I mean a whole bunch of items have been newly marked down to 30% off.   I think they are clearing out a lot of these items to make way for this years Christmas collection.

We would love to see and hear about the clearance deals you are finding at Target.  Please leave a comment or share a photo any of the following ways:

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