Target Circle Loyalty Program (Available Nationwide October 6th)

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Your Target shopping trip is about to get even better! On October 6th, 2019, Target will be offering Target Circle nationwide! This new loyalty program will be available to everyone and is free to join. If you are a REDcard holder or have a or Cartwheel account, you are already in, there is no need to sign up! Here are the special perks you’ll earn as a Target Circle member:

  • Earn 1% on every Target trip to redeem later (REDcard members will still earn their 5% instead of 1%)
  • Early access to special sales throughout the year
  • Special surprise on your birthday 
  • Earn votes with every purchase to help guide Target into giving back to 800 non profit organizations

But wait, there is more. Cartwheel is getting a makeover and will be incorporated in to Target Circle with a new name, Target Circle Offers. You Target REDcard will be getting a new look with a new card design.  

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  1. I live in California & it says as of now that this new program is “still making its way towards you”, so not available in all areas yet.

    1. That is my concern too. I really hope we still get the 5% off at time of purchase. The article is not clear on this.

  2. This section of your post is misleading:

    “If you are a REDcard holder or have a or Cartwheel account, you are already in, there is no need to sign up!”

    Yes, if you have a or Cartwheel account (I do and I access it through my desktop computer) you will be enrolled in Circle (so all the pages say). However, they also state repeatedly that you must have a mobile # to receive a text message to get started with circle (and they won’t let you even imput a landline telephone # which is all I have). If you don’t have a smartphone/cell phone (like me) you are thus out of luck. Beginning Oct6 Cartwheel won’t work and I (and people like me) will be locked out.

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