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Readers’ Target 70% off Christmas Clearance Finds

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While we wait for the Christmas clearance to hit 90% off, we thought it would be fun to share some our our reader’s 70% off clearance finds! Make sure you check out our Target Christmas clearance 2023 post that is filled with tons of items you can watch for when you head to Target!

Emily was thrilled to find a couple of Stanley Transit Bottles! All of the bright fun Stanley cups that were brought in for holiday gifting are included, they might be hard to find since they were so popular, but keep your eyes peeled for them!

The Faux Ficus trees by  Studio McGee are included in the markdown! Jessica found one and paid $54 (reg $180).

Kristine found so many great items! She tried to pick up things she could use year round, that’s they way I shop the Christmas clearance too!  Pretty much everything she bought has a purpose and isn’t just for Christmas 

Jennifer was excited to find this Polaroid digital picture frame included in the clearance! It was only $18!  This is rare these haven’t been part of the clearance the last few years.  Such a great find!

How adorable is this Retro Minnie plush pillow Kristine picked up! This would make a sweet gift!  There are tons of the Retro Reimagined Disney 100 items that are included in the clearance,  If you see something, use the scanner to check the price!

Ashley grabbed some nice throws that can be used anytime of the year. She also scored some nice wrapping paper (see below) that can be used for occasions besides Christmas.  I love that!

Lora of people are scoring the Figmint cookware 70% off!  She also found that the pie dish was ringing up as part of the clearance, we haven’t seen this one yet!  Great find!

Allison kept an eye on our Christmas post of the items we found and she had a very successful clearance shopping trip! So much good stuff in there Figmint kitchen items, Disney 100  items and more.

These Threshold appetizer plates were Mandy’s favorite find! This set of plates was priced at only $3.60.  I would have been thrilled to find these!

Logan scored the Figmint cookware set for only $30! You will probably need to look for these in the kitchen department on their regular shelf or on end caps.

Tracy was super stoked to pick up this Schick razor for only $2.99! Can’t beat that price!  The beauty items are some of my favorite Christmas clearance finds, because you can save big on things you can use every day.

I love the angel and Christmas tree decor items Curtis found.  Those flocked items have been gone from my store for awhile now.

Jill some great items!  The 10″ Figmint Fry pan (look for them in Terracotta, blue and sage).  She also found a highly coveted Stanley & a sheet set.  All items can be used anytime.  

Leigh found these Disney 100 character sets were ringing up as part of the clearance!  These would be great to save for gifts if you find them at your store too.

Curtis found that this cute little Figmint Cast Iron pan is ringing up as part of the clearance too!

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