Target Cartwheel Perks is Ending

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Target had a trial period for a loyalty program called Cartwheel Perks.  We’ve just heard that Cartwheel Perks will be ending. Please note, this does not mean that the Cartwheel offer will end.  The Cartwheel offers will be switching over to the Cartwheel app soon, so you will still be able to find them there.

Check out the following from CNBC: “Cartwheel Perks allowed Target in-store shoppers to accumulate points each time they made purchases. After reaching a threshold, users could then redeem points for items such as apparel, food, water bottles and sunglasses.

The pilot launched in September in Denver, Houston, San Diego, St. Louis and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Existing users can still earn points until Aug. 27 and must make selections of what they want to redeem by Sept. 27, Target said.”

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  1. i didnt know you earned anything, but saving money… how do you make a selection to redeem points?

  2. There were only a few test markets. If you didn’t know about it then it wasn’t tested in your area. I think there was only 5 or 6 cities that were used as testing grounds.

    1. My city had perks, and I just cashed them in today for $10 off clothing. It says “exciting changes” are coming. Any hints on what that’ll be? I really liked the perks ….?

      1. I agree! I liked that I chose the perk based on my needs. I just got $10 off a jacket. It was like making my own sale??

  3. Not happy was like 1000 points away from my perk reward. Houston has a storm do stores are closed today. Unfair

    1. You can not earn more but you can still redeem perks until September. Check your cart. My cart rounded up my points and gave me one last perk! I bet you have one too? Be safe in Texas.

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