Target: Blue Dot Dollar Spot Items 70% off!!?

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I’ve heard from a couple of people that the blue dot items in the Target Dollar Spot are now 70% off. If you don’t see at 70% off sign at your store, I would scan one of the items just to be sure. All $1.00 items will now be only $ .30.

Let us know if you find some great deals!

Thanks Deanna & Sarah!

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  1. Things were 70% off yesterday at the one Target I stopped at. I’m sure you will understand how excited I was when I walked in an there was NO signage anywhere! I felt like a little kid in a candy store, except—wait for it—-There wasn’t much I needed and I was on an extreme time budget. I did find 10 plastic boxes of sidewalk chalk with 12 pieces inside and was so excited they rang up 30 cents each.

    Thanks for all you do. I really enjoy your site!

  2. Just got back from Target. Got lots of great stuff from the dollar spot for $.30. I got princess party invites, princess goody bags, magic wands, fairy wings, stickers, notepads and pens. I love this sale!

  3. All of the Targets in my area (central New Jersey) had blue dot items marked down 70%. I went to four different Targets. I too felt like a kid in a candy store. In two of the four stores there was no sign indicating the sale, so there was no crowd and plenty to choose from. I stocked up on fairy/butterfly wings, tiaras, wands and invitations for a future Garden themed Party for my daughter. I bought a ton of Pirate themed goods (swords, bandanas and bowls) for my cousin’s party. I also found beautiful matching stationery, which make wonderful gifts. I stocked up on giftbags, tissue paper and acid free paper for scrapbooking. All items were 30 cents. What I also scored was a TON of scrunci barettes and ponytail holders (which are great stocking stuffers and Easter basket stuffers). WHen I went back to Target this morning to snatch more butterfly wings IT WAS ALL GONE. The sales clerk indicated that all Blue Dot Items were removed from the bins and that it will be donated to charity. I was able to find just a few more items, which would not ring up at checkout. It kept reading Item Not Found. The manager allowed me to purchase the items, honoring the clearance price.

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