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Readers’ 90% off Summer Clearance Finds

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We are sharing some fantastic photos of our readers’ 90% off summer clearance shopping trips!   So many amazing deals!!

Canopy target summer 90 off Meghan

Can you believe Meghan scored this canopy for $6.99.   HELLO! That is crazy awesome!   The DPCI on this items is 091-08-0348.  She did mention that they had to manually adjust this down to $6.99, so I can’t guarantee everyone will get this price.

Target 90 Summer Clearance Jennifer

Jennifer score some amazing deals too!   Check out the camping chairs!!   I am so impressed with all the items her store had left.

Target summer 90 off clearance Charlene

Here is Charlene’s shopping trip!   I am totally jealous of the chairs and all those outdoor lights.   Major score!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 9.47.35 AM

Here is Jessica’s haul, it was less than $100 for everything.

target read sum clear 90 nicole

Nicole was thrilled with her 90% off clearance finds!  Her favorite deal was the cool tiki candles.   Make sure you also look at the dollar spot items, anything with a + sign will also be 90% off.

target read sum clear 90 katie

Katie scored 5 big pool floats, a 2-person towel and some really neat baseball string lights!

target read sum clear 90 lindsey

Check out all of the items Lindsey picked up and her friend picked up, they hit 3 Target stores.

We have totally enjoyed seeing all of your awesome 90% off summer seasonal clearance finds! Please feel free to share anymore photos you may have any of the following ways:

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  1. That’s a lot of sunscreen!! How can one use all of that? Fyi…there are expiration dates on those bottles!!!

    1. I bought more than that–I have 5 children, three are redheads with blue eyes, and the other two are fair, also. I use a TON of lotion. I wish I had bought more!!

  2. The Atlanta Druid Hills Target would not adjust the canopy, said if it did not scan 90 off it was regular price, this was then confirmed by a supervisor–she would not let me have it for the 90 off even though it was part of the summer clearance. The sunscreens were regular price too.

  3. Unfortunately my store in Indianapolis is barely 30-50% off.. Nothing is 70 or 90%.. I hate my store as I can never find good deals posted here

  4. What’s so annoying? At 90% off, I’d clear out as much as I can too. It’s all fun, I’m at the store at 8am when they open so I can get the best finds; if it means clear out, I will too!! Have fun shopping, and yes, get there early!!!

  5. today is july 18 and our target has a lot of July 4 staff but they took everything out and don’t see it for 90% , they are selling for original price 100%, target – Rancho Cordova CA

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