Target: 4 Suave Kids Body Wash for FREE after coupons and gift card

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UPDATE:  Many people are reporting that there stores do in fact have the signs up, but the Suave kids body wash is not generating the $5 gift card.   It seems like very few people are getting Target to honor this deal.    Sorry!

I mentioned this deal in the Target Weekly Coupon Match-Ups, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.   It’s a good one!   You can get 4 Suave Kids body washes for FREE after coupons and gift card at Target.

My store in Kent, WA had the sign with the gift card deal, you will want to make sure your store has the sign too before you buy four.

Suave Kids Body Wash $1.79 Buy 4
$1/2 Target printable coupon (beauty category)
(2) $ .75/2 coupon from 7/29 Red Plum insert
Pay = $4.66
Get $5 Target gift card (may be regional)
Final Price = 4 FREE after gift card


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      1. Thanks Amber, it seems like many stores have the signs but they aren’t being honored. You are not alone.

  1. Not sure if you have reported on this deal but you can get 6 Head and Shoulders super cheap. For every 3 you get a $5 GC, combined with the $1 off coupon per (3) bottles and BOGO coupon you can get a nice deal. I used my 2 $5 GC from the toilet paper 2 weeks ago, and all I had to pay was .47 cents and got back 2 $5 GC. 😀

  2. Just FYI my store had the sign up however the system is not automatically prompting the gift card. Had to fight with the manager today who said it was not supposed to be for this item even though the tag clearly said it was for this specific body wash. Then they finally agreed to just take $5 off my order, but wouldn’t let me use my coupons. (I got the “Surely we can’t just give you these for free!” The $1/2 Target coupon does not go through automatically and requires the cashier to push a button. In the end I was able to use all of my coupons and they took the $5 off, but it was a real problem.

  3. I went to the Tacoma store today and the sign was up, but if you read the sign it states the price of the bady wash but it also states that its a 5 dollar gift card for 4 and it list several other items but not the body wash. The manager said it was a misleading sign and gave me $5 off my order and took the sign down, He and the cashier were both very nice and helpful. I was also able to use my coupons with no problem:)

  4. Hi! I was looking at my Red Plum insert and I am only finding a .25 off one coupon. I love this deal as I use this on my kids but I am not sure where to find the coupon you are talking about? Thanks a bunch!

  5. @JIllian The $ .75/2 coupon is on the other side of the insert as the $ .25 coupon. It says $ .75/2 Suave Naturals or Suave Kids Body Wash. The coupon has a photo of both body washes on the coupon.

  6. I had this happen once when I was buying Huggies baby wipes. There was a sign hanging below them saying there was a gift card when you bought a certain amount. Was very disappointed when they didn’t even give us a discount on our total check out. Even after pushing the issue of bad advertising.

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