Sign up with ShopKick: Get More Target Mobile Coupons

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ShopKick is a shopping app for iPhone and Android that will help you save money with coupons, deals and more. One of the great features is they have Target store coupons. These are very similar to the Target Mobile coupons only they are offered via ShopKick.

Here is what the Target coupons look like within the ShopKick app.

When you want to use a specific coupon you click on the coupon, and then hit “use”, a bar code will appear and you will just need to have the cashier scan the code from your phone. I find that I have the best luck with them scanning the coupons when my phone is set on the brightest setting. Once you hit “use” you will have 12 hours to use the coupon, so make sure you don’t hit the button before you are ready.

They have deals for other stores too, here are just a few:

  • Old Navy
  • American Eagle
  • Best Buy
  • Macy’s

Here’s how to sign up for ShopKick

  • Head on over to ShopKick and enter your information.
  • They will text you a link to download the ShopKick app.
  • Once the ShopKick app is on your phone you will gain access to the Target store coupons and the other great features.

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