What is YOUR Savings with Cartwheel (Mine is a BIG FAT ZERO!)

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You all know I love to save some money at Target, but I have a confession for you…I have yet to use the Cartwheel by Target app.    That’s right, my saving with Cartwheel is a BIG FAT ZERO!    Am I the only one that hasn’t used this yet?     I have good intentions…I load my deals, but when I get to checkout, most of the time I realize that the Cartwheel app is only going to save me like $.05, so I just skip it.

I’d love to hear what your total savings are with Cartwheel.   Log into your account and check your savings total and post it here.   Convince me I need to start using the thing!

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  1. I have saved 16.00 in the couple months I have used it. I find that if I look thru offers before I go and load it wth things I know I’m going to buy or may buy its helpful.

    1. I have been using cartwheel since September 2013 and have accumulated savings of $795.00. I pretty much do all my shopping at target. Between the cartwheel and my red card I save quite a bit!!

  2. i’ve saved $29.05 so far – but i’ve only used it a handful of times. i could save more but my phone isn’t compatible with the app so i have to print the list before i go… blah blah blah. you should definitely use it though – those pennies start to add up very quickly

  3. I’ve saved about fourth bucks on Cartwheel! You have to look at what you are going to buy and see if there are any coupons that you have to stack to make a super deal! Also sometimes they have 40% off something so I always put that in my cartwheel! You should try it! It’s fun to save!

  4. I have saved $5.66. I find that it is easier to load deals when I am on my desktop because searching for products on my phone never works right. I wish they would just list every offer so I can see them instead of having to search all the brands.

    If there is a way to see all the offers at once I would love if someone could tell me how to do it. Thanks!

  5. Just $26.54. And I sometimes I think as you but it adds really fast and sometimes its better than that like the 20%-40%
    I plan my trips and print it according to my MF and TC
    Give it a try!

  6. $12.22 for me. I don’t have a smart phone so I just printed the list once and keep it in my purse. The barcode never changes so I (when I remember) I hand over my wrinkled old list for them to scan. The savings add up though!

  7. I have saved $73.59!!! I am redoing my daughter’s bedroom and have bought many things for the home. It really adds up especially when some of the deals have been 20% off!!

  8. Wow, some of you have saved quite a bit! I just signed up and have saved $1.06. But it gives me hope that my savings will grow — i’m hoping Xmas deals will be good.

  9. I got a new backpack that was $24 originally for about $15 by buying the item on sale plus a print coupon from Target’s website for 20% off plus an additional 10% off from Cartwheel. Not bad!

  10. $4.30 … not much, but worth doing, I guess. The Target Mobile coupons are the thing that make me mad – they only work about half the time! and they don’t adjust manually!

  11. I hadn’t even checked my total savings since I started using about a month ago but it was $5.99. Didn’t seem like much but when I consider manufacturer coupons and Target coupons that I am stacking I am saving a lot on each item.

  12. I have saved $26.58 so far. I find it to be very helpful for bigger items like furniture, towels, etc, and then clothing. But I have lost about $7 because I forgot to scan my phone and they can’t add it after you purchase.

  13. I’ve saved $10.14. Yay! But it is rather hilarious to go and check out and remember to give my paper coupons, make sure they all scan correctly and take off the right amount of money, make sure the prices right up on each item correctly, scan my shopkick app (if i’m using an offer from there or a gift card from there) and then scan cartwheel. Who ever said that couponing is boring?? 🙂

  14. $18.51 – that’s just from a few grocery trips and household items I would’ve bought anyway. I’d say I’ve used it about 8 times?

  15. My savings is almost $21 and I’m going to use it today to get that monster high doll at 50% off so add another ten dollars to that savings

  16. I’ve save $28 over the past couple months! I generally only use it when I can stack a target coupon (in whatever form), a manufacturer coupon & cartwheel. and it really helps with clothing & home stuff! that’s the kind of goods that usually don’t have coupons so it’s a money saver in my book! I view it like free quarters to stick in a change jar 😉 as soon as my amount hits $50 my husband & I are going out for a nice dinner.

  17. I have saved 13.79 using cartwheel. It is simple to use, but I wish they would do all one savings method. Between mobile coupons, printable coupons, RED card savings, and now Cartwheel, I find it a bit confusing. Thankfully, the bloggers can figure it out for me in advance!

  18. Oh geez. A whole 36 cents for me. I have bad luck. Mobie coupons or cartwheel either don’t work for me or it will be 5 cents so I say forget it.

  19. I’ve saved $55.00. It is great that they have a lot of home and furniture discount between 15%-30% off. and we buy lunch meat, cheese etc… regularly. We bought Archer Farms Flatbread pizza 50% off + $1.00 TQ the other day. It is a great savings!

  20. I was of the same opinion but I wanted to give it a try since I was going to pull my phone out for the mobile coupon anyhow. I saved $10.74 in two months. I think it really adds up and I only shopped at target every other week. 🙂

  21. Mine is $3. I only used it once and that was last week for the circo girls leggings. Other than that I don’t see the point in 5% off Sobe’s or the other tiny amounts of savings.

  22. 35$! My thought is why not takes 30 seconds to scan app and boom savings! I look through it all before shopping and especially clothes like 25% off kids stuff savings! Love it!!!

  23. I am at $101.17!!! There have been some great deals on grocery items lately. 20% off cheese for example. It is worth the time. I love hitting a grand slam…Target coupon, manufacturer coupon, and Cartwheel deal!

  24. In response to your comment about Target’s Cartwheel savings program I have found this program very frustrating. I never had anyone at the store, management or otherwise, who could explain how to use it. I finally did figure it out, most of it, by trial and error. I have saved a little, very little, but when I used it at the register it would only let me use it for one item, not the 11 max you can have on there at one time. The cashier couldn’t figure it out either. I agree this is a complex program and I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

  25. Can anyone explain how to use Cartwheel on more than one item at the register? Cashiers are no help. I have never been able to use it on more than one item at a time. I agree with the ladies’ postings about it being good for bigger ticket items.
    I would be happier if I could get a real grasp on it.

    1. You add all the offers you want to use at one time. Then when the cashier scans your bar code all the (eligible) offers you have selected are used at once. Now if you only have ten spaces you can only use up to ten offers. Hope that helps.

  26. WOW….some of you have really saved!! I have only saved $9.00. Make sure though you check before you leave target that all the cartwheel has worked on all your items. Every time (unless I have only bought one thing) it does not take off for all my cartwheel items. Every time I go up to customer service they tell me there still trying to work out the kinks. I’m not sure if they really are or not, but the customer service people always give me my money back.

  27. I’ve saved $15.82! I am the same way and I don’t bother most of the time – it’s not worth the hassle when you’re saving $0.05 here and there. I do use it on certain items where it will actually be worth using, especially clothing and household goods.

    I’ve noticed a similar problem with mobile coupons as well – it will only apply to certain items in my cart. I think the problem is that the item has to match EXACTLY. I was with a friend of mine who couldn’t use a coupon for Mossimo leggings because the item she was trying to purchase was a pair of “Mossimo Black” leggings.

  28. $18.45 so far but it is my least favorite way to save money. Once I am at the register I find it so time consuming to run all of my paper coupons, mobile coupons and cartwheel. I pitty the person behind me.

  29. So far I have saved $26.27!! At first it doesn’t seem like it adds up to much, but in a matter of weeks it has increased! I love using target cartwheel!! 🙂

  30. I’ve saved $21.95. My trick is to have no badges filled. Once I place something in my cart, I go to Cartwheel and use the search field to either type in the type of product it is or the brand name. 75% of the time they have a badge for it. I find it to be the easiest way to pick up those last minute savings.

  31. I’ve saved $9.19. I had no idea there was even a website version of it, so thanks for alerting me to that! Sometimes the app doesn’t load or I forget because I’m juggling Target mobile coupons, printed/manufacturers coupons and Cartwheel coupons so it’s so hard to keep track of, and I hate when cartwheel only offers 5% off, because it’s barely worth the effort, but oh well!

  32. $21.19. Considering ive only been using it for about a month now i think thats pretty good!I love the app! It is specially good in saving in the home department!

  33. I saved $21.74 . Last night was my first time using it. I saved so much because they had some monster high dolls at 50% off on cartwheel.

  34. **I can’t live without Cartwheel!** I’m at nearly $94, and I cannot think of any good reason NOT to use it.

    Cartwheel enables searching “on the fly” for what you’re buying each time you are in Target: you never know when you get additional savings or have a “surprise” coupon to use! For example, the other day, I needed one spice and wrapping paper. Checked Cartwheel, and there were coupons for both (10% and 15%, respectively). That trip, $6 quickly dropped to under $3. IT ADDS UP! Also shopped for a wedding, and there were Cartwheel coupons for many of the registry items, including one at 25% off — such a huge savings that I shopped for my household as well as for gifts! Even simply running in to pick up hot dogs or a loaf of bread, I check Cartwheel for savings. Finally and just recently, Schick shaver refills were not even on sale, but high value Target and MF coupons plus 25% off dropped the near-$15 regular price to under $1. And similar to adjusting your cost if you forgot to bring in a coupon, Guest Services will apply a “missed” Cartwheel coupon, too (lucky enough to be near a fairly coupon-friendly location).

    As others have commented, LOVE getting up to “the perfect storm” of savings: a sale and/or GiftCard, Target e- or printable coupon, MF coupon, and Cartwheel. One of the features on Cartwheel is also “double dipping” savings, SHOWING YOU the Cartwheel coupons that have match-ups to that week’s ad, almost DARING you to save more! As Target is the ONLY store that enables massive multiple savings and this kind of stacking, take advantage — you are completely missing out if you don’t.

  35. I am at right around 126.00 using Cartwheel,I have used it on alot of thier furniture and houseware stuff this is where the savings can be quite good considering alot of the times these Cartwhell offers are 20% and up.I admit to not using it on thier 5% much I kind of feel like .05 savings is not worth the hassle.

  36. I’d rather see fewer offers for larger discounts (or as suggested above, them rolled into the mobile coupons). It’s really overwhelming to fish through the offers and when I already have paper & mobile coupons, and sometimes a Shopkick gift card, a nickel isn’t worth me holding up the line for me to pull up yet another screen for the checker.

  37. I’ve saved $22.80 – I had no idea it was that much! I find a good 20-30% off for something I was going to buy anyway fairly regularly. I had no idea that the barcode was always the same, or I would have saved more when I didn’t use it b/c I didn’t have a current printout with me.

  38. $17.65 from about 7 trips…I used to look through all the items online the night before, add them and print out my barcode/list, but now I just wait till I have my items in my cart and I quickly search on my phone in the store and add them items that match up and have them scan my phone barcode, takes 3-5 mins depending on how much I’m buying…the hardest part has been on one trip I was using paper coupons, my target mobile coupons, a shopkick coupon and the cartweel app all in one transaction

  39. My savings total $45.33. I have only been using it for a few months. Totally worth it! Saved so much on back to school items, baby items, household items, and toys! Even 5% adds up!

  40. I have to PRINT my cartwheel- since I don’t have a phone that I can use. I have no problems with this, and have it handy with my other coupons. I’ve saved 16.00 and I just started about a week ago! I used it big time last week on some razor refill blades, which was such an amazing deal. I wish more coupons/deals were able to be printed/ or linked on the phone – it is so nice to be able to have a choice on how you can use them.

  41. So far, in a week, I’ve racked up $47.45 in savings. I plan my trip ahead of time. Choose my items, combine with manufacturer coupons and/or target coupons. I scored the furby last week for $23.90 using cartwheel and targets price match. Add my redcard discount and I’m loving it. I like the fact that I can save on basic grocery items, toys, clothes for the kids, household goods etc. I actually just hit $50 mark after today’s visit (during which I also finished my Christmas shopping for my youngest daughter).

  42. I have always been a fan of Target since they stack their coupons with a MC, but adding the Red Card and Cartwheel is the best! I add to mine at home, but also bring my phone or ipad to look up unexpected buys when I go to the store. I stack, stack, stack. I remember to get my bag credit too. I am up to over $60 in savings in a few short months, and have 21 spots now. I am a couponer in general, and I am not bothered by using multiple coupons types (I also get their e-coupons on my phone). I am also not bothered by taking my time in line. I try to go when it is not too busy, without my kids, and always warn the person behind me that I have a lot of stuff/coupons so they can move on if they wish. I am the guest, and entitled to my “free money” (coupons) and will not feel guilty about it. The free wi-fi in the store makes it easy to look on the ipad/phone for deals, and certainly helps my one-income family get great deals. I only wish I had a Target closer to my house (nearest is 45 minutes) so I could take advantage more often.

  43. I have only used it for maybe 2 months or so and have already saved $198.86 ….I do all my grocery shopping at Target and it gave me some great deals for Christmas shopping also!!! It takes on average 10-15 dollars a week off our grocery bill!!

  44. The first time I used cartwheel (a week ago) I saved $10 on 4 items! I’ve only used it 2-3 times and have saved $19.86 total and spent around $125. I’d say that’s a pretty good chunk!

  45. I am at $129.50. I use it no matter what, even if it only saves me 10 cents because those savings add up fast!

  46. I have saved 159.77! I use it for everything there. I have 3 kids so I save on diapers, formula, milk, kids clothing, womens clothing, mens clothing, household items, furniture, and even the target cafe for cookies, drinks, popcorn. I check the deals daily because sometimes they will have a 1 day 40% off of clothing items or 50% on a toy. I love it! and on top of that savings i have the target red card debit card linked to my checking account for an extra 5% extra savings on my full purchase.

  47. I’m at $245 saved as of today and I got Cartwheel last holiday season, so less than a year of use. I do pretty much all my grocery shopping at Super Target and take advantage of the big deals like 25% women’s accessories, 20% off kid’s shoes, etc. They had some great one day Cartwheel deals for toys last Christmas too. A lot of the 5% off deals seem useless but combined with Red Card that’s 10% off, plus maybe any paper Target or manufacturer coupons. Basically all Target brands (up&up, Archer Farms, etc) have constant Cartwheel coupons and they’re already cheaper than name brands so it ends up being significant savings over time. I keep staples like eggs, milk, butter, etc in my Cartwheel all the time and then check for other grocery items before I go. If you’re making an impulse buy you can scan the item with the app and check if there’s a coupon for it; or just search, say, “shaving” and see what items pop up. It isn’t time consuming once you get the hang of it.

  48. 25.80 is what i have saved so far. I dont know if everyone knows but even if the offer says it excludes clearence items it still works for clearance items. I hope they dont notice that 😉

  49. My Cartwheel savings as of today is $738.95.
    I worked hard to get the $500 badge, once I did, I don’t pay much attention to the savings because you don’t receive additional badges after earning the $500.
    I do like to stack manufacturer, target.com and cartwheel for extra savings.

  50. $327.05

    I’ve bought bookcase and media stands with cartwheel, the savings add up quickly that way. And there always high price toys for 50% off around the holidays! That’s when most of my savings added up. There have been some new holiday that have opened up recently. I love having more space for offers. I don’t typically use it for grocery items, unless I’m going specifically for groceries. And I love that the scanner function works now, it makes savings on the fly so much easier!

  51. I’ve been using cartwheel for a little over a year. I’m now at $137.40 for total savings. I love Target!! I buy a lot of my groceries there. Also love their gift card rewards for buying certain things. I always get great deals on hair care products with the help of coupons, cartwheel, and gift cards.

  52. I’ve saved $560 since July 2013. I also save about $400-450/year using my Target (Debit) Redcard. Then you add in sales and other coupons on top of it all and it’s a pretty nice savings.

  53. $401.63 since Oct 2013 and I love Cartwheel!!! Yes sometimes I only save $.05 but then other days I save $28 like today.

  54. I have had carwheel for 2 years now and have saved just over $1000!! LOVE CARTWHEEL!! Whether it’s $.05 or $50, it all adds up. I would highly recommend using it!

  55. I have had cartwheel for 2 years now and have saved just over $1000!! LOVE CARTWHEEL!! Whether it’s $.05 or $50, it all adds up. I would highly recommend using it!

  56. Love my cartwheel. Try to use it for everything. I am the crazy lady at the end of a aisle scanning everything just to check. Its payed off. Today I am up to $306.66. Just started cartwheel and red card at the beginning of the year. Saved around $80 with red card.

  57. I highly recommend using it. I have had it for exactly 2 years now and have saved $879!!! So it’s definitely worth it. Plus it’s so easy, just use the scanner on every item you stick in your cart and it lets you know right away whether it’s on the cartwheel app or not and all you need to do is click “add” then it’s on your cartwheel.
    You can find big savings sometimes too like 10% off electronics, 30% off shoes, apparel, 25% home items and tons of 5-25% off food items. I use this plus my red card plus the 5% coupons I receive for having my scripts filled there. Target rocks

  58. So I just recently downloaded the cartwheel to my phone, made an acct. so when I was adding the offers/ scanning item at target. The items showed up in my list but when I was ready to check out, my total savings was $0.00. Can anyone help me?

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