Readers Clearance Shopping Trips (70% off Grills, Pools, School & Dollar Spot)

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Everyone has been finding some great deals. Here are some readers shopping trips and clearance finds. Many people are finding 70% off the following this week:

  • Pools
  • Grills
  • The One Spot
  • School Supplies


Betty scored this Char-Broil grill for only $35.98.    She said there were other grills to choose from at her store too.


Crystal found the following pools and supplies at 70% off.    She is set for next summer!


Jan found all of the following in The One Spot at Target at 70% off.


Here is what Jennie found:  The signs said 50% at the dollar spot, but I used the scanner and all these things were 70% off.   The plastic tumblers were from the housewares section endcap and were also 70% off at 88¢ each.

jan s

Jan found the following school supplies:  .18 glue sticks, .17 cent spiral notebooks, .55 markers and 1.58 for 2 pack of scissors.


Gretchen got all this for $22.


Ashley found all of these items in the dollar spot and they were all $.30 each.

We love to hear about your clearance deals and shopping trips.   You can share your Target deals the following ways:

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