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Reader’s Target 70% off Clearance Finds

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baby stff

Carla hit the jackpot with the baby equipment. She got the carseat & stroller combo for $53 (reg $190), Ignite First Years stroller for $19 (reg $70), swing was $22 (reg $80), and lastly the sound machine for $12 (reg $45). The total regular price for everything was $385 and she paid only $106!!

fisher price car

JC scored this Fisher-Price car for only $15, it was regularly $55.


Get ready to be jealous! Tina was able to get this Dyson vacuum for 70% off! It was $100, regularly $399. I have NEVER seen a Dyson make it that low before.

baby bedding

Missy bought this baby bedding set which was regularly $70.99, on clearance for $21.28 on clearance. She printed the 25% off infant bedding coupon from target and used the 15% off on baby bedding on cartwheel. So, she got this 4 pc set for only $13.56. What a steal!


Nicky found kids character slippers for an additional 70% off!  Spider-man and Dora slippers were only $.89 (clearance price was $2.98) and the Hello Kitty were $1.24 ($4.98).


She also found this adorable pink chair for marked down 70% off, plus, she able to use her 15% Cartwheel offer, and in the end she paid only $12.73 (reg $49.99).

nicky coat

I love this deal Nicky found on this coat. It was 70% off, marked down to $11.98. She use the 25% off Cherokee Cartwheel offer to get it for only $8.98. Awesome deal for a coat that normally retails for $39.99.

nicky clothes

Nicky was on a roll, because she also found this items in the girls department marked down to 70% off. She scored leggings for $1.12, jeggings for $1.80, and a nice velour leopard print jacket for $2.91 after the clearance price & 25% Cartwheel.

bike trailer

Stefanie totally scored with this bike trailer for only $26.98.


Melissa found a great deal on a Pacifica Natural skincare set for 70% off.

good stuff

Here is what Stephanie found: Lunch bags $3.88, snack container w/ freezer brick $1.18, circo plates $2.38, melamine bowls $4.48, melamine tray and bowls $3.88, and thermos $2.99. I think she did awesome!! She really found a great assortment of stuff at super prices.


Amy got this popcorn popper for only $23.98 – 70% off!


Here are the baby items Kara found at 70% off, rock n play, car seat and a stroller.

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  1. I’m curious how everyone is using Cartwheel with clearance items? My cartwheel offers always say “excludes clearance”

    1. Usually the Cartwheel coupon won’t work on clearance items, but it worked unexpectedly for me earlier this week on 70% off Cherokee and C9 kids’ clothes. I thought it would be worth a try (I also had One Spot on Cartwheel), and it worked! I scored two of my kids winter coats (C9) for next year, 70% + 25% off with Cartwheel, getting a $60 and a $50 coat each for under $15.

  2. I’d like to hear that about the Cartwheel too. And also, where did you find out about the extra 70% of slippers? My store had quite a few slippers at 70% and less than $1 is a great deal!

    1. The slippers were probably a deal unique to that store, possibly a mistake. Each store has some leeway on what they want to do clearance-wise.

  3. In my experience, I’ve had Cartwheel offers that say “excludes clearance” but then when you check out, it applies the percent off to a clearance item, anyway. Not sure if its a glitch or what, but I hope they don’t fix it!

  4. Darn, which I would have known that sooner! There have been several times that I have not purchased something because I thought my Cartwheel wouldn’t work with it! Good to know moving forward.

    1. Courtney,
      You can actually go back to Customer Service with just your receipt and return and repurchase the item using Cartwheel, as long as the Cartwheel coupon is still valid (not expired). At least, that’s what my store allowed.

  5. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, scan your item and see if a cartwheel works! Best way to do it, instead of just guessing if there is a cartwheel. I scan every item I buy!

  6. i got the pea coat in blue as well as several toddler Cherokee items and tve additional 25% cartwheel came off on all.

  7. Wanted to let Kara know that the Fisher Price rock and play sleeper is awesome!! We loved it, but take precautions- Fisher Price had a recall on this item in the summer of 2013 because of black moldy spots showing up on various parts- the soft slip cover as well as the hard plastic backing. We were very careful to watch and saw nothing for some time. We loaned this to my sister-in-law who has loved it too for the last 5 months. She just found black moldy spots on it and has tried bleach, vinegar, etc. to clean the hard plastic backing- but no luck. Ours was the rock and play snug as a bunny or something like that. Hope this helps!

  8. I’m curious as to how some people seemed to get their items for even more than 70%. Like the Dyson; that’s $400 originally. At 70%, it should be $120, not $100, as stated? Same thing with strollers, etc. I know Cartwheel didn’t apply to those.

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