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Readers 90% off Christmas Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

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Here are some great photos of readers 90% Christmas shopping trips and clearance finds along with some hidden deals you may want to watch for.   We really love seeing all of your awesome clearance finds, please continue to share with us. You really must check out the  All Things Target Facebook page there are way more photos posted over there. I love how it’s a great community where everyone shares their finds. You all are THE BEST!

christmas cutlery

Stacey scored these at 90% off, they were unloading a new shipment while she was there. SCORE!


Make sure you check the beef jerky for ones that have a “jerky wonderland” sticker on them. These rang up at 70% off. (Thanks Krilicam)

target xmas clearance ashlee 90

Ashlee scored wrapping paper, ornaments, lights, little Christmas trees and so much more.

target xmas clearance young lego

Young hit the jack pot with these LEGO Chima packs, they were only $.39 each.

target xmas clearance kristen 90

Kristen scooped up a huge variety of clothes, pj’s, onesies, hats, slippers and more.

target xmas clearance david 90

I absolutely LOVE this super cute blow up Olaf that David found! What a sweet score!

target xmas clearance jennifer 90 12

Jennifer pick up everything from cookie jars, games, lip balm, kleenex, tees, trees and more.

target xmas clearance rachel 90

I was really hoping to score this awesome Elf’s Story DVD that Rachael spotted.  It was only $.99!

target xmas clearance alina 90

Alina got lucky and found all of this great stuff at 90% off.  Wrapping paper, trees, decor, ornaments & more.

target xmas clearance stephanie 90

Stephanie came across a great hidden clearance deal, she found these Merona boxers in the regular section, they were only $.49 each.

target xmas clearance chevonne 90 2

Chevonne found some great stuff including a ton of Christmas lights.  She is set for next year.

target xmas hidden stacey

For those of you with little ones, keep your eyes open for Up & Up baby diapers with Candy Canes on them. Stacey found a whole bunch at her store.

target xmas clearance becky 90

Here are all of Becky’s great finds.

target xmas clearance rachel 90 1

Rachael found pet items on clearance, including a cool cat scratching house and toys.

target xmas clearance annaleis 90

Annaleis grabbed lots of stuff for friends and other great items she plans to use as future party favors.

target xmas clearance nicole

Nicole got a great deal on these Baby Lips lip balms, they were only $.34 each.  They had the sticker bar code on them, the ones with the bar code printed on the back were regular price.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. Not all my finds are going to kids at work but most are (I think it would be weird to give a kid a dog toy!!) 🙂 and someone pointed out handing out toys with guns (army guys) might be a problem….

  2. . I am always totally amazed at what is left in the different stores, we didn’t have any Christmas lights make it to the 70% off- not enough and all gone at half. Let alone a bunch of the other stuff I see in the photos. But it is so nice to keep an eye out in areas when there are things listed or photographed here that I can find that aren’t in the Christmas section. Like I found sharpie pens, .29 cents and had a 1.00 off coupon. As always this time of year is so sweet. Thanks for the help

      1. What I do is buy the day after Christmas, as soon as the store opens, while there is plenty of stock. Within 2 weeks almost everything is 75 to 90 percent off. If the price has changed (and it’s always lower) Target will give you back the difference. If I see something I really want and feel it won’t be there, I’ll buy it before Christmas, then get the price difference later. But if you wait, there will be nothing left.

    1. I overheard two employees talking about christmas clearance and this is what I heard…Candy/food will go to 90 tomorrow(wed) and all will salvage on the 9th.
      IDK but as always YMMV. Personally, I don’t think we have enough to last till Fri.

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