New Target Mobile Coupons (Fresh Produce, Meat, Bread & more)

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There is a new special set of Target Mobile coupons available.   Text FRESH to 827438 to receive your coupons.   These coupons include coupons for fresh produce meat and more, but expire on 4/20 so you will have to use them quickly.

Here are the new coupons (expire 4/20):

  • $1 off $1 purchase of fresh fruit
  • $1 off $1 purchase of fresh vegetables
  • $1 off $1 purchase of fresh meat
  • $1 off $1 purchase of any sandwich bread
  • $1 off $1 purchase of frozen food
  • $1 off $1 purchase Market Pantry or Archer Farms
  • $1 off $3 purchase of Up & Up
  • $1/1 Laundry detergent (any brand)
  • $1/1 Dish detergent (any brand)
  • $1/1 Bath tissue (any brand)
  • $1/1 Paper towel (any brand)
  • $1/1 Trash bags (any brand)

Thanks Totally Target!

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  1. I just did the texting and immediately got a response back that said “service access denied”. I have unlimited texting so I’m not sure what I can do. I have never received the mobile offers either.

    1. This is considered a “premium” text. You probably need to ask your cell company about whether or not you can get this type of msg.

  2. Are u able to use a few different coupons during the same transaction? I tried a while ago to use 2 diff. Mobile coupons on the same trans but failed!

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