New Blog Giveaway: $50 Target Gift Card

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WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN: The winner is Diane (diane0512@XXXXX). Diane look for an email from me. Congratulations!

Welcome to the brand new All Things Target blog! This is a site dedicated to those that love to shop at TARGET. Here you will find all kinds of wonderful things to enhance your TARGET shopping. From coupon match-ups that help you pick up products for FREE or super cheap, to learning all about clearance deals so you know when and how to score those exciting 70% off bargains.

But this site is more than just coupons and clearance, we also share unique and fun craft ideas, DIY projects, and tasty recipes all made with things you can easily find at your local TARGET. So, thanks for visiting our site. We hope you will come back frequently to explore the new content that is consistently added and updated. We invite you to share this site with your friends and family, and to post comments with any tips, tricks, or treasures you have found while shopping at TARGET.

To celebrate the brand new blog I am giving away a $50 Target gift card!

How to enter: Leave a comment on this post letting me know what the last item you picked up at Target was (for me, it was the FREE Allegra allergy medicine)

Want additional entries?: Just leave a separate comment for each one of these entries you qualify for.

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Giveaway will close on Monday, April 8th at 9:00 am PST, and winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

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  1. This morning while walking through Target’s grocery section I picked up Target brand spaghetti & Alfredo sauce for $1.00

  2. I bought the board games last week for $4 or $5 and got free card games. πŸ™‚

  3. I picked up diapers, got 5% off with my red card debit card and used a coupon, plus got a gift card! I love Target!

  4. I bought my son a bike helmet. THe one I bought in advance (after Christmas sales) was too small. I actually had to pay full price but at least I had a gift card!

  5. Last thing I bought at Target… Folding card table & chairs set for 50% off πŸ™‚

  6. Excited about watching on facebook to help me love Target more and more!!! $50 gift card would help too!!! :)~

  7. Last thing I bought was monopoly electronic banking! πŸ™‚ Excited for the new site!!!

  8. Love your new gig! My last trip to Target was for Tide HE and I left with a basket FULL of stuff, including chalkboard frames and chalkboard caddies marked 70% off! Score!

  9. The last thing I bought at Target was a super good deal on Easter candy… Cadbury eggs… yummy! I “liked” All things Target on Facebook as well.

  10. Last items I bought were Revlon beauty tools… nail clippers and eyelash curler for free.

  11. I bought Easter goodies in the dollar section, got Chutes and Ladders for free and a Play-Doh Shake toy for 3.99.

  12. I picked up Electronic Monopoly, Bop It, and Scrabble Flash along with 3 free card games!

  13. I picked up a cute wellcome mat on Sun for $3.16. Starting price $12.99.

  14. Yesterday I bought a movie to put in my kid’s easter basket. It was a blu-ray for under $20. although at this moment I can’t remember the name of it.

  15. I picked up detergent for $3.99 and yummy wine that was on clearance for $4.99. Also, I likedu on fb!

  16. Dang it, Christy! You know we can’t resist a Target deal! That’s okay, I needed a new site to add to my reader. πŸ™‚

  17. I bought Candy Land last week for under $2 and a couple of super hero figure sets for $1 each instead of $7 each.

  18. The last thing I got at Target was the games and toys you posted last week with coupon match-ups!

  19. The last thing I picked up was a prescription, which isn’t so fun or exciting. The day before that I got all the good games and toys that are double stacking with the coupons.

  20. It has been over a week since I was last at Target. Crazy! πŸ˜‰ I bought Band-Aids and a few groceries. All coupon deals, of course!

  21. I love target! Today we picked up a shirt for my son’s spring pictures at school;)

  22. I picked up Scrabble Flash, Battleship, Electronic Monopoly for 5 bucks each and got two Clue gamecard game and one Scrabble gamecard game for free. Also picked up two Fisher Price learning Dog for 3.50 each. Only spent $22 bucks. Thanks for posting these specials as I would of missed them without your postings.

  23. The last thing my husband and I picked up at Target was the Coco-Cola deal they had with 3/$11 and 1 free. We ALMOST made the mistake of shopping at Fred Meyer for our soda, but caught this deal!

  24. Picked up disney princess vanity reg$99.99 but only $14.98 after 70%off and coupons:)

  25. The last thing I picked up at Target was hair dye for $2.69! And, Easter buckets for my girls πŸ™‚

  26. The last thing i got was toothpaste play-doh and tonka die cast cars! Loved last weeks deasl!

  27. a maternity shirt for $1.48. good deal, esp. since i’ll only be sporting it for a few more months. =)

  28. Last time I was at Target I picked up new underpants for my growing boy. Exciting, huh?!

  29. Last item for me was diapers (along with a cartful of other items, but I went in for the diapers…!)

  30. Disney princess computer & little people racetrack/cars w/fabulous coupons! Now the hard part… Deciding when to give them to the kids… Christmas feels so far away! Lol

  31. Last thing I got was a personal size blender…$5 gft card with purchse, yeah!!

  32. Just bread. Nothing exciting. But my kids are allergic to dairy and the market pantry brand does not have milk in it!

  33. Last thing we got at Target….hmmm…probably peanut butter. I can’t keep enough of that stuff around here with my boys. πŸ˜‰

  34. I liked you on Facebook too. I’m excited to see the new Target blog!! πŸ™‚

  35. signed up for your emails also! So excited for this new blog! Love Target and Love all the deals you find!

  36. This is awesome! The last thing I picked up was free folders and socks πŸ™‚

  37. Today I picked up a FREE Candyland game. Thanks for the fun giveaway. I’m excited for your new blog!

  38. The last thing I picked up was a kermit onesie for my little girl at 70% off.

  39. Last thing I bought was groceries…headed there tonight for some more of the same πŸ™‚

  40. I just picked up a mandolin for $12.41 that was originally $41.39! I had seen this on the 50% off shelf and I waited patiently for two weeks and it was still there only it was 70% off this time!

  41. The last thing I bought was a Tiana princess doll and Costume set for half off. I love your site and can’t wait for this one too!

  42. Congrats on the new blog! I don’t remember the last thing that I picked up at Target because….gasp….I gave up Target for Lent!! It has been hard, but in one week I will return to my happy place ready to shop the post-Easter clearance. πŸ˜‰

  43. Pedialyte for my little man because he isn’t feeling well… and a big red bouncy call to help cheer his spirits. πŸ™‚

  44. i bought a cootie game for y son…don’t break the ice in particular…and a lot of stuff!

  45. Sunscreen for family vacation!! A clearance priced two pack of the spray on kids sunblock πŸ™‚

  46. The last thing I got from Target was Charmin Ultra-Strong in the Mega Roll 18-pack. After coupons and the Target Gift Card, it was $0.02 per square foot – my stock-up price for that toilet paper.

  47. I picked up the green giant veggies, the Dora DVD & the tums freshers this morning! πŸ™‚

  48. Just left Target. Cootie games for free!! Nerf Vortex 4.99. Love me some Target!!! πŸ™‚

  49. I picked up Star Wars pods last week. I have two girls so I appreciate your tips for boy gifts since I have no idea what is cool for birthday gifts, etc.

  50. In my last trip to Target I bought some Transformer toys that were marked down to 70% off.

  51. Last thing I got at Target was Free Crayola Scissors! They finally restocked my local store. πŸ™‚
    Good luck everyone and good luck with the new Blog! πŸ™‚

  52. Lots of the toys you mentioned last week…playdoh, playskool heroes, & chutes and ladders.

  53. the last things I got at target were two pairs of capris for me, allergy meds, and presciptions. Need to make a trip to get a phone charger for the car.

  54. awesome~I love this!! I picked up baby alive doll on clearance for 15.98 had 2 $5.00 offs and got t for 5.98!!!!

  55. I snagged a Target transformer on clearance for $9, used a $5 coupon – got it for $4ish. Bonanza!

  56. Signed up to receive emails, can’t wait. Might be dangerous, there are 5 Targets within about 7-8 miles of my house.

  57. My husband bought me a bike for my birthday on Friday. When choosing a helmet the price said $26 but when I scanned it, it was $19. We used our Target card and got an extra 5% off. Can’t wait to get other accessories needed to start riding towards a healthier year! =)

  58. The last item I bought at Target was generic Pepcid AC… for my dog. πŸ™‚ Sooooooooo much cheaper than the name brand!

  59. With the pollen already this year I had to get some Allegra! Glad we have another Target site to follow! Thanks so much!

  60. I snagged a bunch of great deals on Saturday including Disney Cars Hot Wheels set for $15, maternity t-shirt for $1.50 and a bunch of dollar spot items to give as prizes for potty training!

  61. The last thing I bought at target was a women’s t-shirt. On clearance and I used a coupon. It was free! Yeah for free!

  62. The last thing I picked up was a skirt…bought with a coupon of course! πŸ™‚ love target

  63. Went to Target on Saturday and picked up all of my Easter Basket fixin’s…used my 50% Star Wars coupons to score some great presents from the Easter Bunny

  64. I bought, Jergins lotion, a skirt, 2 tops, 2 belts, a wedge sandal, a pair of flip-flops, out door rug, frozen veggies. Liking you on FB also. Would like to o this week to purchase a kindle.

  65. The last thing I bought was the laugh and learn puppies for $3.50! πŸ™‚

  66. The last thing I picked up were clearance door mats with a fancy little design. I picked up 4 of them & will be doing my own diy project…mounting them to a big board to make my own headboard. I can’t wait to see how it turns out πŸ™‚

    PS….SOOO excited about this new blog. Target is my favorite place to get the deals!!

  67. Vitamin Water & toys from The $1 spot for my prize box ( I’m a teacher ) πŸ™‚

  68. A whole cartful of stuff. But I was super excited about the $1 Chutes & Ladders and the $5 Electronic Banking Monopoly. Thanks for keeping us in the know!

  69. I just got from Target and I picked up brown sugar Splenda for.76 so excited about that also purchased dishwasher soap, dryer sheets, bag of life savers, sandwich bags, tums and band aids And I only spent $6.72.

  70. The last time I was at Target I picked up a Rapunzel doll using the Target Coupons. πŸ™‚

  71. Lets see, the last thing I bought was Easter candy and other goodies for the kids’ Easter baskets.

    Oh, and I “liked” the new blog on Facebook.

  72. The last “deal” I got at Targer (one of them, anyway!) was buying the Softsoap large refill bottle for $3.99, using a .50 off coupon on it, and getting the small Softsoap pump free!
    I live about 1/2 mile from our Target….which is “dangerous” sometimes! But oh, so convenient! It’s a SuperTarget, as well! LOVE Target! LOVE that you are doing this blog!

  73. Juice! Went in to check out clearance and couldn’t leave empty handed so I grabbed juice for the kids lunch this week.

  74. Just bought 2 RCA portable DVD players for my kids. We are taking them on a surprise trip to Disney in two weeks. Found the dvd players on 50% clearance, and figured they would be great for the flight down.

  75. this is a great website. i got the best deals ever from this blog my last shopping trip to target i spent 17 and saved 45. i was so exctied and got some really get things

  76. Loved the Scrubbing bubbles deals with this weekends coupon. Get the toilet cling gel ( 12 uses on clearance for $4.07 ) get toilet brush FREE ( $6.99 value ) !

  77. The last things I purchased at Target were formula, diapers, Easter goodies, kids clothes, and dog food!!

  78. The last thing I purchased at Target was paper products – Up & Up toilet paper, tissues and paper towels.

  79. Yesterday I picked up Chuck and Friends truck, but 2 get one free and $2.00 off of two. It worked out to be about $2.00 a truck, good Easter gifts!

  80. My favorite deal was the Star Wars spinners toys, on sale $5.99 used the 50% coupon with the $2 off Star Wars coupon for a $.99 Star Wars toy!!!

  81. got a whole cart full this weekend. starwars transformers, Candy land, battle ship. Sweater, Easter Candy.

  82. Clearance newborn pants, 3 cover girl eyeshadow’s, 3 l’orel shampoo’s (both $5 giftcard deal), up and up dryer sheets, tommee baby bottles.

  83. I purchased a Disney Princess Enchanted Musical Vanity. Normally $99.99, on clearance for $29.99. I used a 50% Target coupon making it $14.99! Great Deal!

  84. The last thing I bought at Target, and I PROBABLY shouldn’t have, was three bags of Cadbury Mini-Eggs.

  85. I bought the Monopoly Electronic Banking on sale for $15 but after my coupons I paid only $5 plus I got the Battleship card game for FREE!!!

  86. i purchased relish for my husband and a skylander for my step son (why are those things so hard to find?)

  87. I picked up candy land for almost free, would have gotten more but they were sold out, going again to try tomorrow πŸ™‚

  88. Entry #1 – I bought two of those stretchy, spikey toys for my girls from the dollar section

    Entry #2 – I liked the new FB page!

  89. I could buy everything at Target. Last thing I bought was a welcome mat for my front door.

  90. Love your new blog!
    Just picked up some Mucinex and Method soap refills (on sale!) yesterday!

  91. Last thing I bought was 5 board games, 4 card games, need gun, and a lot of Easter goodies and only spent 25$. My sister and me meet every week to coupon and search for deals together. We love Target!!

  92. The last thing I picked up at Target was Coffee beans, Roasted Nuts and Toilet Paper. Gotta love Target! πŸ™‚

  93. Oh, and I found “All Things Target” on FB and LIKED you there, too! πŸ™‚

  94. The last purchase (last week) I made at Target was for a Battleship, Candy land, scrabble card game, playskool heroes, and an Angels ABCs DVD all for $13.

  95. I bought stuff for Easter baskets. Hotwheels, candy, my first crayola and some other odds and ends

  96. I got the Electronic Banking Monopoly game for $5 plus a free card game last week!

  97. hmmmm…. I believe I bought nothing at all interesting the last time I was at target (or tarjay, as I prefer to call it!). Cheezits, heart burn medicine for my husband, interesting stuff like that! A whole target blog is a GREAT idea! =)

  98. I got 4 of those Fisher Price Little Heros packs for $.99 (reg. $6.99) thanks to your tip! Can’t wait to see what you do with this blog!

  99. The last time I went I bought Fisher Price Laugh and Learn puppies for $3.50 each. Thank you for all of the great deals! I’m excited for your new blog.

  100. Over the weekend we bought several Toys for our children Easter basket scavenger hunt using the 50% off mobile Target coupon combined with a manufacturers coupon.

  101. Last week I got a hoodie from the Gwen Stefani line for my daughter. It was only 50% off, but I didn’t want to wait until it went cheaper because I was afraid it wouldn’t be there anymore!

  102. congrats to the new blog. last item i picked was merona women’s tights. used the 3/1 merona women’s apparel coupon. OOP $0.60 ($3.60 clearance)

  103. Liked them all!! Last thing I got at Target hmmmm….I think Easter stuff & ziploc bags for work

  104. I got the Treasure Buddies movie for my nephew for Easter with the 25% off coupon!

  105. Love the new blog! I bought a whole cart of groceries at Target over the weekend. Ooh, and a coupon organizer from the Dollar Spot! Saved over $40 in coupons and sale items!

  106. The last thing I bought at Target was pillows for my living room, but I’m returning them because they don’t really match.

  107. Simple facial Wipes free! Clearance for 1.68 and use 2.00/1
    Free plus made some change! =)

  108. Last three things bought at Target, 3 flash games for 5 bucks apiece and the free cards. Go Target.

  109. I got a super cute boppy cover for around $3.47. Which is a great deal, and now it is my favorite.

  110. Picked up a Rapunzel dress-up dress for $10 w/ half-off coupon, 2 Littlest Pet Shop spin toys for $2.50 each after discounts/coupons, some cheap Easter candy w/ stacked coupons, baby socks on sale for $0.90 and soccer socks on clearance (2 for $2.48!).

  111. Lots of stuff, but Cars sheets that finally convinced my almost 3 yo to leave the crib (don’t care they weren’t on sale since it was a success!) and a Star Wars toy 50% off to stash for my obsessed 6 yo’s birthday were the most important!

  112. I didn’t get a deal, but picked up milk on my way home from work tonight…And then got a few random items.

  113. We bought a Strawberry Shortcake movie for my daughter. Of course, she didn’t want the one we had a coupon for so we ended up getting a $5 one instead.

  114. last thing i bought was dora dvd, memory board game and minute maid juice boxes

  115. I was there on Saturday, I bought soup, a toy for my grandson and Easter candy and plastic eggs for the church egg hunt

  116. A new shirt, Cascade pods 3-pack, Crest 3d vivid white toothpaste, a teething ring/feeder and 5 spoons for my nephew, Allegra 15-pack, and a Corningware travel container. Total before markdowns, discounts, and coupons would have been $53.64 including tax. Only paid $16.58 including tax, thanks to the helpful Target training on your blog πŸ™‚

  117. The last thing I bought at Target was a Britax convertible seat for my growing little boy!

  118. I think the last thing I got Saturday at Target was the .61 30 count fab softener sheets

  119. I ”like” All things Target! Love this I shop the target clearance every week πŸ™‚

  120. Liked it on Facebook. Got a super cute dress at target last week for $5! Love to shop there.

  121. I picked up Market Pantry chickadees to make “carrots” in frosting decorator bags for our son and friends. Love the new prescription program – easy peasy to get prescriptions filled today.

  122. The last thing I picked up at Target was some groceries. Milk, cheese and I can’t remember what else πŸ™‚

  123. How do you consider the last item in my last shopping trip? Went on the coupning extravagant by getting LOTS of toys! So, with that being said.. last item was Disney Princess Belle Bath. πŸ™‚

  124. The last thing I picked up was mega blocks. They had such a good deal. They were on sale AND had a coupon. Megablocks for my girl for 9 bucks!
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  125. I like all things target on facebook under Jl Johnson
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  126. I follow all things target on twitter @I_heart_Pokey
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  127. Picked up curtains and rods for our dining room and some Easter candy for the baskets!

  128. My best target deal: last week I got the diseny princess vanity keyboard for $13.49 Reg: $89.99!!
    The keyboard was on clearance for $26.98, and I used the 50% off coupon from last week’s target ad!!

  129. Gallon of milk – I was checking out the clearance items, but came away empty handed from them.

  130. I picked up Easter candy and ingredients for a Passover kugel! I love you Target!!

  131. The last things I picked up at Target were toys! I got the Bop It XT, Playschool Heroes figures, Star Wars figures, and a Hasbro card game for great prices! I’m headed out again today to see if I can pick up some of the deals you just posted! Thanks so much!

  132. The last thing I bought was easter basket stuff and paper towels! I got an adorable Lorax shirt for my daughter on clearance for $6. Not the best clearance price, but I loved it!

  133. I love Target that I spend TOO much money there πŸ˜‰ THe last thing I bought was a gift card, birthday gift, and wedding shower gifts. (Got the bday gift on clearance! Woot Woot!)

  134. I got Yahtzee Flash and Scrabble Flash for only $5 each. Plus the fisher price dog for $3.50.

  135. I picked up Easter candy! Love that you have started this new blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. I’m signing up for your email newsletter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. The last things I got at Target were the board games last week with the free card games… I am heading there today though πŸ™‚

  138. I bought a two-pack of BumGenius cloth diapers (an online return) for $9 (off of the $35 retail price) and they were the colors my SIL registered for!

  139. The last things I bought at target was diapers and pull ups. I have a two month old baby and twin boys that I’m trying to get potty trained. So we visit target quite often for diapers and pull ups lol

  140. I picked up two pairs of adorable ballet flat shoes marked down to $7, originally had been $19. Also some food clearance items.

  141. I love this new site! πŸ™‚

    The last thing I picked up from Target was the Cars 2 diecast cars on sale for 99 cents each. Bought a ton for Easter and potty prizes for my son.

  142. I picked up a bunch of toy deals last week with the coupons! Love Target & love this new website devoted to Target:)

  143. I last picked up alot… I can spend so much there on a single trip. Let’s see here…. I bought me some clothes and kitchen items, and PJ got some goodies like boxer briefs and gym shorts. They have everything!

  144. Picked up some great things in the Dollar section. Love the little books for my granddaughter.

  145. I picked up my daughter’s birthday presents, a clearance jogging jacket for myself, and a belt and shorts for my husband. My husband lives in shorts all year long.

  146. The last item I picked up at Target was a doormat that was on clearance & a 12 pack of Arizona Tea. Target is the only place that sells them here!

  147. Last week I picked up Playskool Star Wars Heroes and FurReal Dizzy Dancers using coupon tips you posted on Thrifty and Thriving!

  148. A Missoni iPad case for $5.26 and 7 jars of kalamata olives for .26 each! We don’t have an iPad yet but hope to get one sometime at Target.

  149. I picked up Chutes and Ladders, Playskool Heroes and Glade Air Freshner! I love Target deals!

  150. I have not been in a bit but it was the kelloggs cereal deal and I got the $5 gift card!!!

  151. This morning I picked up 2 memory games, 1 candy land and 1 cooties games using $3 off coupons from last week smartsource for Hasbro booklet. Awesome deals, only pay $2 each!

  152. Last trip to Target was electronic monopoly + free cards, scrabble cubes + free cards, chutes & ladders, candy land, playskool star wars figures, star wars pods, a clearance green lantern toy & 2 extension cords.

  153. The last thing I bought at Target was Easter presents for the kids – and I scoped out the towels and bed sets for our new master – just gotta wait for a good sale! Love your new site!

  154. I took advantage of the screamin’ deal on the Electronic Monopoly Game. I’ve played more games of Monopoly with my kids in the past week than I have in the past 20 years πŸ˜‰

  155. Last night I got 2- 32oz. applesauce on clearance, plus 2 chutes n ladders games, 2- oral B floss, 2 bags of potato skins, and a Baby Alive Doll, all for less than 11.00!

  156. I have a 3 month old so it is difficult to get to a lot of stores. The last time I went was 3 weeks ago and I bought m and ms for 1.39/ bag.

  157. Congrats on the new Awesome Blog! I’m picking up cheap nail polish for my 13 yr olds’ eater basket! And Cheap Toys for my 2yr old. Thanks a million.

  158. We just picked up some of the Cars die-cast toys for $.99, and some Annie’s snacks (to get the free Organic Gardening magazine!)

  159. Last thing I got was 6 Chuck and friends die cast cars. I used 2 target coupons for b2g1 free and 2 hasbro coupons b2g1 free. So I paid for 2 cars and got six in return. Love stacking coupons. Oh the cars are found in the easter section!! Pick Me!!!

  160. The last thing I picked up at Target was shoes for my daughter for Easter. Yeah Target!!

  161. The last thing I picked up were the Bop It XL, Srabble Flash, the free card game, The playschool (transformer) car, and some clearance finds that make good gift bag fillers. Thanks to your teaching me about stacking coupons I saved a lot!

  162. I love Target! It’s where I go to get my home decorations and my daughter’s clothes on the clearance rack. I also love getting jeans there on the clearance since you can find them for $7 a pair! Also got the Red card debit card to save an extra 5% along with stacking all my coupons!

  163. A Little Tykes basketball hoop for my 19mo old – he loves basketball!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  164. The last thing I picked up from Target was actually a perscription πŸ™‚ I like there Pharmacy, the (Sunrise) staff is so nice! And there is never a wait, if I walk up and say “I need a new inhaler, I didn’t call it in” The pharmacist grabs it for me right then and there…. They are awesome!

  165. The last thing I picked up from Target was actually a perscription πŸ™‚ I like their Pharmacy, the (Sunrise) staff is so nice! And there is never a wait, if I walk up and say “I need a new inhaler, I didn’t call it in” The pharmacist grabs it for me right then and there…. They are awesome!

    1. Sorry! This thing TOTALLY freaked out on me! Didn’t mean for that to post twice πŸ™‚

  166. I purchased a Fisher Price toy as a gift and was able to apply some great discounts!

  167. Bought my parent’s meds and some plastic Easter Egg containers in the shape of Elmo and Darth Vader.

  168. Was just there this morning and bought Pretzel Crisps, using the $1 off coupon, and also Annie’s Fruit Snacks (on sale) and with the 75-cents off coupons. Thank you for all you do, Christy!! Wish you’d come over to visit with your Atlanta fans!

  169. My regular personal supplies I load up on, hair stuff, allergy & pain meds, milk & always some chocolate or other treats at Target sale prices!

  170. the last things i picked up were memory game, always liners, diaper and wipes, revlon nail clippers, & other toys with my coupons:)

  171. I bought Grenn Lantern’s house as a gift for my son’s thrid birthday next week!

  172. The last thing I bought at Target was the Battleship game (for $4 after coupons), which came with a free Monopoly card game!

  173. I just bought Easter outfits for my 9 month old twin girls. And like a lot of others, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Simon flash, and Fishing game for just a few dollars for all πŸ™‚

  174. The last item I purchased at Target was 24 Playdough pack in which I got for $3.99 after coupons!

  175. I picked up new toothbrushes for my kids. They love them…have brushed their teeth 5 times since we have been home!

  176. The last thing I picked up at Target was Easter Egg Dye Kits and no I did not have a coupon.

  177. I got cooties, chutes and ladders, memorie, and candyland for free! Playschool heroes for 66 cents, baby alive for $5, and revlon nail kits for free!

  178. The last item I picked up at Target was a Playskool Heroes figures 2 pack for $0.99, instead of $7.99!! πŸ™‚

  179. I got a bunch of the toys last week. The Easter Bunny brings toys instead of candy to our house! =)

  180. The last item I bought at Target was a pair of Hello Kitty rain boots for my daughter.

  181. I picked up several games with the coupons you mentioned. Great deal! Thanks!!

  182. The last thing I bought at Target was the Allegra and the Marvel figurines for my son’s Easter basket. Thanks!!!