My Weekly Target Trip: Spent $35.80, Saved $103.33

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Here is what I picked up today at Target, I am very happy with this trip I was able to cross several items off my list that I have been needing.   I ended up spending $35.80 (before tax) and saved $103.33.   My total was $37.68, but I was able to save an additional $1.88 because I have a Target Red Card.

Here is the breakdown of everything I bought today:

I was able to pick up back to school shoes for my daughter all at 70% off.   She is set, and summer isn’t even half over!

  • Converse Aqua $10.48 (reg $34.99)
  • Converse Purple $8.38 (reg $27.99
  • Xhiliration Slip-On $5.98 (reg $19.99)

We’re in the process of re-decorating my daughters room and we picked up these throw pillows at 70% off.

  • (2) Throw Pillows $4.48 (reg $14.99)

I picked up the following items in the Summer Section, which is currently 50% off.

  • Napkins $1.49
  • Silly Straws $ .50 (for Birthday Party gift bags)
  • Slinky Jr $ .50 (Stocking Stuffer)
  • Hacky Sack $ .49 (Stock Stuffer)
  • Glad Storage $ .49 (had $1/1 coupon)

I found this Spiderman Chill Pack, that my son will use for his lunch. It was marked “as is” and was only $3.06 and normally $12. My son is super picky about his food and he will be thrilled that his pickles and cheese will stay nice and cold now.

Lastly, here are the items I picked up with coupons. You can see the coupon match-ups for these items HERE. (Comet is no longer available)

I’d love to hear what you’ve picked up at Target recently!

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  1. This morning I picked up some Huggies Little Movers Hawaiian Diapers on clearance. I had a 2 dollar off coupon, so I paid $14.98 for 50 (cute) diapers!

  2. I got 2 rope handled tubs for $2.99 each, Krazy straws for $.50, napkins for $1.49, slinkys for $.50, 2 plastic table cloths for $.50 each.

  3. I hit Target today and picked up two rolls of gift wrap on clearance for $1.98 each, the Lego Harry Potter triple decker bus for $29.88 and the Lego Harry Potter Castle for $35.68 (regularly $50!) – My little sister collects these so I got them for her Christmas gift. The best deal from my trip today was in the women’s pj section where they had beautiful nighties for 70% off! I needed a gift for a lingerie bridal shower next weekend. I got two nighties for $7.48 each (reg. $24.99) and two robes to match for $8.98 each (reg. $29.99). Happy Shopping!

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