My Weekly Target Trip: Spent $1.89, Saved $31.90 (Saved over 90%)

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Here’s what I picked up at Target this week, no coupons involved, just clearance deals!!   I paid $1.89 for all of these items and I saved $31.90.  I found very few items at 90% off, but I did pick up the following:

  • Plastic Berry Baskets $ .49 (reg $4.99) 90% OFF!!
  • Tropical Silly Straws $ .10 (reg $1.00) 90% OFF!!

I picked up 10 of the Twizzlers that are ringing up at only $ .13!! These packages say “perfect for summer” on them. They had been clearanced to 50% off ($1.38) and now they are ringing up at 90% off the marked down price. These retailed for $2.78!!

  • (10) Twizzlers $ .13 (reg $2.78) 95% OFF!!

I’d love to hear what great deals you got at Target this week!

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