My Weekly Target Shopping Trip (Saved More than 70%)

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I was thrilled to find lots of great 70% off deals when I hit Target this week. Here are the items I picked up, everything I bought was 70% off. Woot! I was able to purchase over $1000 worth of merchandise and I paid around $250. I picked up the tens and one of the backpacks for my sister, so I won’t personally be keeping everything here.

target trip 1

My favorite find was the accent table!

  • Accent Table $26.98 (reg $89.99)
  • (2) Backpacks $11.98 (reg $39.99)
  • (2) Ping Pong Paddles $2.48 (reg $7.99)
  • (1) 4 Room Tent (sleeps 10) $77.98 (reg $259.99)
  • (1) 8 Person Tent $27.04 (reg $179.99)   More than 70% off!!

target trip 2

I was in need of a bike so I was so excited to find them marked down to 70% off. I bought a bike that was marked down to $110.98 (reg $370). It gets even better because there was a coupon to get 10% off the price of the bike when you bought any helmet or bike accessory. I knew the 10% discount would save me $11, so I looked for an item that was less than that. I was thrilled to find a bike basket also marked down to 70% off, it was $6.83, so I saved even more than if I hadn’t purchased the basket.

I’d love to hear what great deals you have picked up at Target this week, I know many of you have found great deals too!

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  1. I live in the Bay Area of California and I have 5 nearby Targets. None of them ever have the deals you post about. Things sell out fast here and they rarely stay around long enough to hit 70% off. Things that are still here still don’t hit that 70%. I was thrilled though to find the accent tables and that they were marked down even though the tags still said $62.

    1. I agree Kirsten ! I now live in Los Angeles. It’s very hard to find deals 70% off ( other than in the clothing department ! ). And it seems like the local Targets are way behind the WA stores on marking their merchandise down. 2 weeks ago, Xmas Softsoap hand wash was still only 15 % !!!!!!!! Ridiculous. I lived in WA for 5 years, moved back here less a year and a half ago and have yet to find a deal as great as the ones I found there or that are posted on the blog… I think it is due also to the fact that it’s more populated. People will buy before the price goes that low. You’re better off shopping at a Ross/ Marshalls/ TJ Maxx to find similar deals on similar items.

  2. I too am curious where all the good deals are taking place regionally. I am in my local store at least once a week and I seldom find these great deals. I am a huge bargain hunter and it would be nice if state or region was mentioned in the posts.

  3. I found a 3 wheeled scooter and cars helmet on Clerance for $20 total, the helmet was only 50 off but it was the last one. I paid $20 total which is less than my sister paid just for the scooter on Black Friday. I’m excited for my nephew to ride it when he comes over today. I also got a bike pump, a rolling cooler, a barbie fishing pole a doc pop up tent and some water bottles at 70 off.

  4. Oh you got the accent table, too! Is yours red, too, Christy? We ended up getting 2 when they were 50% off (not as good of a price) but we desperately needed them & knew they wouldn’t last. My hubby also got the bike last night – he’s been looking for a year & couldn’t beat that price! Thanks for the heads up on the bikes!

  5. Got a West End popcorn popper and a bike rack last night…both 70% off and both $20 bucks give or take a few bucks. Also got plus size fleeces for women for $8 at 50% off (so hard to find nice plus size clothes cheap). That was at a Target south of Boston.

  6. Hello kitty ride on convertible for $56, retail $189 – perfect bday gift for my daughters bday in June. Winter coats – a 3-in-one style for $17 ($60 retail) for my daughter and a great one for my son for $11.84 ($40 original). All set for next winter!

  7. Although there were some items at 70% off at the Tacoma Target…..(mainly Christmas dresses) most of it was things I don’t need. 1 Direction sheets, anyone?

    All of the regular toy clearance was gone, but they did have some new toy clearance for 15% off. (it may have been 30% but I think it was only 15%) They had 2 My Little Pony items, but they never make it past 50%.

  8. Thanks for speaking up, Californians! I also live in California, near Long Beach. I have many stores near me and have been looking regularly since I found this awesome page, but have NEVER found these kinds of deals, and agree the markdowns are way behind.

    I still love and appreciate this page, but I was starting to feel so frustrated! Glad to hear its not just me!

  9. But you guys get to live in CA! It’s a trade-off. I live 25 miles from any stores and miss out on a lot of deals because of the distance…and snow (Again, you get to live in CA!). But I get to live away from the traffic!

    1. Don’t let the California label fool you. I too live in California and would do almost anything to get OUT! California is in tons of trouble, so be glad you don’t live here. I live over 25 miles away from our one and only target in the area and we don’t have most of these deals. If I don’t buy when the items are 30-50% off, I won’t see them again. Today I was shocked to see the Viper power wheel for $54 at 70%.

    2. So happy to be leaving the snow for the sun. Californians have no idea what its like to pile on clothes and have to go to work in -40 degree weather and all that with kids!!

  10. I got the same 10 person tent as you. I was psyched that it was 50%. Now I’m jealous yours was 70%. Still a good deal though and it was the last one. I’m from CT.

  11. Was hoping to find the chairs marked down to 70% of today, but someone beat me to them! Instead, I checked the end-caps and found: $20 of Carter’s baby clothes for $5, and a Nutribullet for 30% off! With my target red card I paid $66.50 for that $100 item!! Have been really wanting one. Definitely pays to check the clearance sections! Also, cartwheel has baby and toddler Chico and Cherokee brands 25% off, so I saved quite a bit getting a swimsuit for my kiddo 🙂

  12. I went to two Targets yesterday. First one had nothing and what they did have was not 70% off. Second one ( in Forest Lake MN) had more and I found the green. Kitchen stools! Hopefully my kids won’t be able to destroy them!

  13. I’m glad somebody got the tents, I’m so jealous! We’ve been in the market for a while but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a bigger tent. All three Targets by me (in MD) had clearance signs for them but were sold out yesterday. Bummer :-/

  14. Our Target is slow on clearance (twin falls Idaho) The big bikes aren’t even on clearance yet-( I did see the 10% deal) But I am always grateful to see what COULD be on clearance SOMETIME or Not. So keep posting!

    And be grateful you live in Beautiful green Washington! I think Calif. also has the problem with prices being higher in that state, and maybe more shop at Target for that factor?? Also send your snow or rain this way- we are in desperate need for moisture.

  15. Was able to get a bike rack for the car.

    However, I was bummed the Swiss Gear Carry On Spinner I was eyeing was gone, should of went on Friday…(Faint gold color). Does anyone have the DPCI?

  16. Kate – I’m in Cypress and our Target as well as the one in Seal Beach had the 70% off markdowns! You might want to try there next time. I got tons of great toy/baby clearance deals a couple of weeks ago thanks to this site. HTH. Keep up the great work!!

  17. I picked up a Graco Fast Action Jogger for $93, which was about 50% off. It was a great deal I couldn’t pass up since I was in need of a jogger with a front swivel wheel.

  18. I went to a Target near me in the Bay Area and they didn’t even have that specific tent. All the other tents weren’t even marked down. I asked my friend to check her Target about an hour inland and she saw it marked at $53.98! Not as good as yours but I asked her to get it for my anyway. Original price was $229.99!!

  19. Thanks to your tip, I went to my Target and scored the last red Threshold side table for 70%!! As I was putting it in my cart, the guy working there saw me doing the happy dance and said, “Oh I’m so sorry. That’s our last one.” I was so bummed because I thought he was telling me it was a sample/floor model and I couldn’t buy it, so I took it out of my cart and put it back on the shelf. He said, “No, no, no, no. You can have it! I just mean, look here. It’s damaged.” I could see minimal damage to one drawer. If he didn’t point it out, I would not have noticed it. “I’ll give you an extra 10% off.” He said that without me saying anything! So I was extra happy!! I paid a total of $23.08 for it after 70% off, 10% off, and my REDCard discount of 5%. Plus, here in Oregon, No Sales Tax!!:)

    Also, Thank you SO much for sharing about the 70% toy sale a couple weeks ago…my two year old twins had a birthday yesterday and I was able to buy them a couple of gifts they adored!! I’m so grateful I found your site!

  20. Hit 4 different targets in Dallas on Friday and finally lucked out to find the only clearance tent left in my area, hidden behind tons of other stuff! Snagged the 4 room/10 person for the same as you, $77.98!

  21. I am in Missouri and was able to find the 8 person tent for $53.98 and they also has the $77 4 room tent. I got the 8 person tent. It was the last one so I went a head and got it. We had been looking for some time and I was waiting for it to go on sale

  22. Found some folding event chairs 70% off, making them just $6.28. Only a few bikes on clearance in my area but not any that I liked enough to purchase.

    Some other deals I snagged: Glass water bottles by Ello 70% off making them just $3.88 (found in the regular aisles in kitchen area), Burt’s Bees blueberry with dark chocolate lip balm 50% off making them $1.64 (found in regular beauty aisles), and 3 pack of Chapstick variety packs and limited edition packs such as cake batter and candy cane 15% off making them $2.45 (found in checkout lanes–there was a cartwheel deal earlier in week for chapstick too making it a better deal).

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