My Weekly Target Shopping Trip (a few hidden 90% off finds)

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I headed to Target on Monday as usual to scope out all the deals.    We got so many coupon inserts on Sunday I was a good kid and cut them out right away and filed them into my coupon holders.   The only problem is I forgot to put them back into my purse before I left, so I didn’t get to pick up any of this weeks great coupon deals.   I did however find a few leftover 90% off Christmas deals hiding out around the store.     My trip cost me $1.06, and I saved $10.90.

Here is what I found:

  • Mossimo Coin Purse $ .69 (reg $6.99)
  • Bathery Mini Bath Sponge $ .09 (reg $ .99)
  • (2) elf lip gloss $ .19 (reg $1.99)

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  1. Great deals! Did you find the lip gloss in the make-up section? I’ll have to look for that tomorrow when I head to Target for the toy clearance. 🙂

    1. I found some orange ones in the Christmas section, but when I went back to the health and beauty section I found these in some of the clearance bins they had on one of the endcaps.

  2. I also found headbands mixed in with the girl’s accessories that were 90% off. Look for the silver sparkly tag. They rang up at 50 cents a piece. Another bargain I found mixed in was a Holiday edition Junie B. Jones Book for 79 cents (90% off).

  3. I went last night to both Targets in my town and I found 4 bathery sponges, 2 4-pack led flameless candles (energizer brand) at $1.30, green velvet ottoman priced at $5.49 (54.99 reg.), those pop up tape dispensers at $.20 each, I found 8, some appetizer plates at $.58 each (bought 6), space disk shooters at $1.00 (got 4), $.50 harmonicas (only took 2 but there was plenty left. I bought some tinsel garland and other christmas stuff that was left at one of the stores. They had very little stuff left and it was mostly broken. Overall, this year was the best year yet as far as Christmas clearance goes. I found lots of great stuff all of the 15 times i have gone in the past 2 weeks lol.

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