My Weekly Target Shopping Trip (70% off)

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my targ trip

Here is everything I picked up at Target yesterday at 70% off.  I’ll be you were expecting to see some toys in there, huh?   I didn’t really need anything in the way of toys and I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me, so I didn’t buy any toys this time around.

Here are the items I did find, these were all 70% off:

  • Message Board $7.48 (reg $24.99)
  • UW Baseball Cap $4.48 (reg $14.99)
  • (3) Kitchen Towels $ .88 (reg $2.99)
  • e.l.f. gift set $1.50 (reg $5.00)

I also bought some party supplies, which happen to be 85% off:

  • (2) Pirate Napkins $.24 (reg $1.64)
  • Pirate invitation & thank you cards $.64 (reg $3.99)

I bought the following clothing items at 70% off, there were Cartwheel offers that matched up with these. I was able to find the Cartwheel offers super easy by scanning the upc codes before heading to the register.

Converse One Star Tanks $2.98  (reg $9.99)
Saved 20% with Cartwheel
Final Price = $2.38

Mossimo Cardigan $5.98 (reg $19.99)
Saved 15% with Cartwheel
Final Price = $5.08

Xhiliration Sparkle Sweatshirt $5.98 (reg $19.99)

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      1. We have several Target stores close by — each one had a very different selection. This most recent store was by far one of my favorite hauls so far. Our little girl is almost two and is really starting to like “big-girl” toys & baby dolls. I had a blast shopping for her 🙂 I found Barbie Megablocks, several Baby Alive dolls, a remote control puppy dog, Circo doll sets, & so much more. I have us stocked for her birthday & next Christmas!

  1. Hi! Do you know when the shower curtains, and curtains, pillow go to 70% off? Usually it’s around this time also. Or did I miss it. Thanks

  2. Just yesterday I was just telling myself that I need new kitchen towels! If you still have the tags or receipt, can you give me the DPCI to one or both of them so I can see if any Targets around me have them??

  3. Disappointed too with the toy clearance but did pick up a few great toys – One was a Leap Frog camera that works with an iPhone or iPad, tons of superman toys perfect for my two boys and for all their friend’s birthday parties. I picked up a Hot Wheels wall track set and a Planes toy plus a few other goodies all at 70%. If I had girls, I would have left with nothing. All items were on the end caps this time and many were still at 50%.

  4. I thought you couldn’t use the Cartwheel on clearance? In the fine print it always says, “excludes clearance.”

    1. Most of the cartwheel offers exclude clearance, but not all. I just used a cartwheel for Embark camp chairs on clearance chairs and the offer did not exclude clearance.

  5. A lot of the time cartwheel says excludes clearance but still works on some items. I just bought some boys pants that were clearance and cartwheel took the exta % off. I usually alway just have them scan it just in case.

  6. I was really disappointed with the toy selection, spent maybe $30. Got a few things, but nothing compared to what I got in July. My store had tons of Disney princess dolls and Barbies, not much for toddler boys. Had a lot that wasn’t at 70% off yet.

    1. Did your store have a lot of the elf sets left and were they all 70% off? My store had a ton left yesterday but they were still only 30% off. Wondering if I should go back today to check. TIA

      1. I was at 2 stores today and both had a ton of the e.l.f. sets left and they were all 70% off. They weren’t marked down at my stores yesterday, so I was glad I stopped back today.

  7. I had wonderful luck at the Toy Clearance sale — my sister & I did the divide + conquer approach! 🙂 We are lucky to have several Target stores in our area so we each went to different ones. I found Barbie Megabocks, Squinkies, a remote control puppy, a Disney Princess four wheeler, Doc Mcstuffins ball pit, Fisher Price Car, Barbie dolls, Baby Alive dolls, puzzles, Disney Princess Tents & lots more. She found these awesome musical keyboards, styling doll – heads, huge Disney Princess dolls, and large play-food sets. We were extremely happy with our finds!

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