How do you shop Target?

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There are several different methods for shopping Target. For instance, when the holiday clearance is marked down to 90% off, I get to Target as soon as the open, grab a card and fast walk (I try my best to fast walk without it looking like I’m fast walking) to the back of the store. I load up my cart with all the 90% off deals I think are worthy of bringing home.  Next, I head straight to checkout so I can head to the next Target store to see if I can score some more amazing 90% off deals before they all disappear.   On days like this, my one goal is just the good deals.  There is no stopping to try on clothes, no picking up milk (even if we need it), it’s just deal hunting.

Then there are the days where you have to make a quick run into Target for just one thing.  Oh wait, there are never days like that, nobody goes into Target for one thing.   That’s just crazy talk!   On my average everyday Target runs, this is how I shop.

Target Dollar Spot – My first stop is the Target Dollar Spot (Bullseye’s Playground). I never used to stop here, but this section has become so popular that things sell out quickly. You never know when something new will be added or if they will magically restock something you’ve been waiting for.   I love the fact that they have great holiday decor and everyday items super cheap.

Starbucks – Next stop is Starbucks. Target without kids is like a mini vacation and I always have a Starbucks Frappuccino while I’m on vacation.  I don’t always make a stop at Target, but sometimes you have to treat ‘yo self.

Clearance Hunting – Shopping Target clearance deals is my favorite way to shop (and save) at Target.   Before I shop for the stuff on my list, I usually always check out the clearance end caps in search of items that are 70% off   I use the Target Markdown Schedule as a reference, so if I stop by Target on a Thursday, I will check the home, toys and other departments that usually have markdowns on Thursday before I check the other departments.  Got to get to the departments that may have had recent markdowns first!

Check out New Items – While I am wandering the store checking out clearance deals, I also take a peek at the new items that Target has brought in.  The kitchen and home decor departments are some of my favorite places to check for fun new merchandise.

Pick up Stuff on my Shopping List – Next, I actually shop for the stuff on my shopping list.  This will usually include items from the Weekly Coupon Match-ups, gift card offers and misc. items our family needs.

Swing by the Fresh Food & Groceries – My last stop at Target is to pick up the fresh items we may be low on, these are items that I usually pick up at the grocery store, but buying them at Target saves me an extra stop on my way home.

How do you shop Target?

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