Honeycomb Original Flavor is Back!

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Don’t you love when companies listen to their customers?  Post listened to us and they brought back the original Honeycomb flavor that everyone loved.  It’s true!  You can once again have the original flavor of Honeycomb cereal to start off your day.

Notice the “It’s Back” label on the Honeycomb box.  If you were missing the original flavor of Honeycomb cereal, just keep an eye out for the new Honeycomb boxes with the “It’s Back” label.

The returning Honeycomb recipe has the original texture and taste with big real honey flavor.  All of you Honeycomb fans are going to be thrilled!

Cereal is a staple at our house, it makes for a quick and easy breakfast.   My kids and I will have cereal several times a week.

In addition to to Honeycomb for breakfast, my kids also enjoy Honeycomb as a snack in their lunches.   Eating cereal as a snack is just plain fun!  My kids seem to to a better job of eating their lunch when their entire lunch is entertaining.  Putting their lunch in a Bento boxes, using colorful food cups and sandwich cutters make their food more enjoyable.

Another great way to serve cereal for lunch is to make a trail mix out of it.   You can also make it more of a dessert mix by adding chocolate candies to the Honeycomb cereal.

You can find the original recipe Honeycomb cereal at your local Target store and online at Target.com.  If the older version of Honeycomb was your favorite you will definitely want to pick up a box or two soon.  You can also save a little extra money with the $.50/1 digital coupon in the Target app. Hooray to Post for listening to the consumers!

For even more fun ways to serve Honeycomb as snacks, check out our Butterfly Snack Bags.

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