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Have we seen the last of the 70% off Clearance in the Dollar Spot?

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one spot black star

I have some bad news folks!    It appears as if the black star dollar spot items were salvaged at 50% off.    We didn’t see them even make it to 70% off, they were all removed from the dollar spot.   If these items went 70% off at your store, please let us know!

I posted last week that the black star dollar spot items went on clearance for 50% off on September 2nd.    In the past, the dollar spot clearance items have gone from  50% to 70% off usually 3 days after they hit 50% off.      A reader let me know that the valid date on the 50% off sign at her store said “valid through 9/8”, which seemed to mean that the items would go 70% off on 9/9 instead of 9/5 like I predicted.    Unfortunately, it seems like all the dollar spot items that were on clearance were removed and not marked down to 70% off at all.

I have received numerous reports from people and found the same thing at my store.

It sounds like the next time we see a clearance in the dollar spot you may want to buy everything you want to 50% off, because it may not make it to 70% off.    Only time will tell!

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  1. Did people scan the black star items over the weekend? I ask this since a lot of the times the clearance signs in see spot save will not be updated. The items will go clearance on a Monday and then the following Monday they are pulled from the shelves/salvaged. The prices will change over the course of the week but not always the signage.

  2. I scanned a bunch yesterday and most of the $1 items were $.50, but most of the $3 items came up as $.75 snd the scanner said the original price was $1.50 (even though they were clearly marked aas $3). Weird.

  3. Black spot and black star Dollar items were 70% off on Saturday night in Cleveland, OH – I stocked up on party favors! However the pool toys / goggles / etc. haven’t reached the great sale prices you’ve been posting. Most are regular price or 30% off.

  4. Was at my target bright and early this morning and they had put all the black star dollar stuff in carts (5 overflowing ones!) and wheeled them to the back of the store by the school stuff. They were parked there for a while so I grabbed one item and scanned it and it came up “item not found”….bummed that they didnt go to 70% as I usually stock up.

  5. A sad day if this is to be the new dollar spot clearance procedure. I hope they don’t do the same to holiday clearance.

  6. I picked up a bunch of stuff at
    50% off, I went to a different store on Sunday and it was saying 59% but I didn’t see anything I wanted so I didn’t scan them

  7. Not exactly sure what they do with the dollar spot items when it’s removed but I was told by one of the Target employee that the seasonal 90% clearance items are donated.

  8. Aw I was waiting for 70% off cause I went over the weekend and scanned and it was still at 50% so I figured I would check back and get everything I wanted since they still had alot in the bins! I guess that’s what I get for waiting 🙁

  9. One of our stores in the Sacramento area went 90% off the dollar spot items on Sunday. I never saw any of the others go down to even 70%, and they were all salvaged Monday. I was psyched about scoring some of the 90% off items though.

  10. I’ve seen Target off-clearance items (ie “salvaged” merchandise) at a liquidation outlet called Dirt Cheap. These stores are located in MS/LA/AL, typically in small metro areas. I bought a pair of Target Espadrilles for 30 cents at Dirt Cheap. They had lots of other Target branded items at varying degrees of discount.

    The bottom line: selling to Dirt Cheap (and other liquidation outlets like it) in bulk may be more cost effective for Target than releasing to customers at 70 percent off…

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