How Do You do Halloween?

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How do you you do Halloween at your house?   Do you go all out and plan your costumes months in advance?  Or are you more last minute planners like me and my family?  Whether you plan far in advance or at the last minute, Halloween requires some prep work.  You have to get candy, costumes, pumpkins, decor and even toothpaste!  You want to keep those teeth cavity free after all the candy, don’t you?  I’m sharing our low-key and laid back approach to Halloween that works well for our family.  I’d love to hear how you do Halloween at your house too.

Most years we just throw our costumes together a couple of days before Halloween.   We have two totes filled with dress up pieces and costumes so it’s easy to put together a costume.   Many of the costumes we have were picked up at Target for 90% off during their Halloween clearance.  We’ve also been known to DIY our costumes or pick up some pieces at thrift stores.

Halloween usually always includes a visit to the pumpkin patch (or if we are short on time, the grocery store). We don’t always get around to carving them, but we have fun decorating pumpkins other ways.  These cute pumpkin decorating kits came from Target.  I love that decorating the pumpkins this way is fun and mess-free.

We do a little decorating for Halloween with items from the Target Dollar Spot (of course), but in most areas of my home I like to decorate with fall themed items so they can stay up for Thanksgiving too.  I’m all about saving myself time when it comes to the holidays.

Now that our kids are older we usually just stay at home, watch a movie, play some games and eat some candy!   We make it a fun family night.  Did I mention Halloween is very low key at our house?   We don’t get many trick or treaters because we live in an area with only 3 homes.  So we get Halloween night pretty much all to ourselves.  It’s kind of fun and we love our version of Halloween.

Whether you are into Halloween big time, or are low key like us, there is one thing you will want to stock up on…Crest toothpaste!  It’s not just the kids that eat all the candy, it turns out, based on a survey from Crest, the average parent eats one-fourth of their children’s Halloween candy.  We all do it right? Do you have a favorite you like to steal from your kids stash? Are you sneaky or upfront about it? Another fun fact from the Halloween survey conducted by Crest, over 50% of parents admitted that they snuck a few pieces of candy without their kids noticing.  34% of parents insisted on “inspecting” the candy only to hide a stash for themselves. Only 4% of parents report that they do not eat their child’s candy.  Us parents are so sneaky!

With all the candy eating that happens you’ll want to keep your teeth clean and cavity free!  You’re sure to find a Crest toothpaste to meet your needs.  I have been using the new Crest Gum & Enamel Repair and I really like it.

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Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the candy! Check out the fun video where kids were asked to switch out some of the normal Trick-or-Treat fave for new healthy alternatives.

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