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Frozen Yogurt Parfait Cups

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I absolutely love fall, it’s my favorite season. I love how the leaves start to change, college football starts, the kids head back to school and we once again have a routine.  I love routines!

Want to know what else I love about fall, I love that I can enjoy a quite breakfast all by myself.  I adore my children, but I also really enjoy a quiet breakfast.  I can sit down at the table with my breakfast, a good book and listen to nothing.  Nobody is asking me to find their socks or swimsuit.  Nobody is whining that there aren’t any Eggo waffles left.  It’s heavenly!

I have a great recipe for Frozen Yogurt Parfait Cups that you can make ahead of time, so once your kids are off to school you can just sit down and enjoy!   One of the great things about these cups is you can mix and match the ingredients to whatever you desire.  It’s easy to switch the berries. yogurt or cereal flavors.   It’s fun to try different flavor combinations.   I like using blueberries with the Light & Fit Vanilla yogurt, but my favorite flavor combination uses Kellogg’s Special K Nourish Coconut Cranberry Almond cereal, Light & Fit Original Greek Toasted Coconut Vanilla yogurt and Raspberries.  Yum!

One more perk of the kids heading back to school is kid-free trips to Target (also Heavenly)!   When you stop at Target to pick up the recipe ingredients make sure you take advantage of the following Cartwheel offers to save you a little extra money.  You can save 20% on Special K cereals and 5% on Light & Fit Yogurt, both Cartwheel offers can be found in your Target app.

Frozen Yogurt Parfait Cups

  • 4-pack Light & Fit Original Greek Yogurt (Toasted Coconut Vanilla)
  • 1 cup Kellogg’s Special K Nourish Coconut Cranberry Almond cereal
  • 1 cup fresh raspberries
  • silicone baking cups

Makes 8 Parfait Cups

Add a small spoonful of Light & Fit Original Greek Yogurt to the bottom of each cup.  Add 3 raspberries, then add more yogurt just to cover the raspberries.  Add a layer of Kellogg’s Special K Nourish Coconut Cranberry Almond cereal.  Add a one more generous spoonful of yogurt and top off with more cereal and a raspberry.  Place in the freezer.

The silicone cups are perfect for this recipe.  They work fantastic and are easy to remove.

If you prefer, you can microwave for 10 sec to soften it up slightly.

These are also great for on the go, you can add the frozen parfait to a bento box and by lunch time it will be ready to eat.

Don’t forget when you head to Target this week you can save 5% on Light & Fit Original Greek Yogurt and you can save 20% on Special K cereals with the Target Cartwheel offers.  Cartwheel offers can be found inside the Target app.  The Special K offer is valid through 11/3 and the Light & Fit offer is valid through 10/21.

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