Disneyland Ticket & Gift Card Discount, Save 5% with Target REDcard

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Disneyland is one of our family’s favorite vacation destinations.  My husband and I also like to take kidless trips to Disneyland too.  If you have a trip planned to Disneyland this spring you can save big on Disneyland Park Tickets right now!!  Plus, you will save an extra 5% if you pay with your Target REDcard.  Target has both the Disneyland 1-park per day and Park Hopper tickets. online  

Here is what my cart looked like when I added a 2-day 1-park per day ticket to my cart.  You can see the 5% saving with my REDcard.  When you purchase your Disneyland tickets via Target.com they will email you your tickets.   You print out the tickets and take them directly the the entrance gate at Disneyland or California Adventure.  The cast member will exchange your paper ticket for a regular one that you can use to get your Fast Passes. 

You can also save 5% on Disney gift cards that you pay with your REDcard online or at your local Target store (some states don’t allow discounts on gift cards). When you purchase online you can choose an email option or have a physical gift card mailed to you.

If you don’t currently have a REDcard you can apply online for a Target REDcard and choose from either the debit card or the credit card.  There is no annual fee for either of these cards.  You will get 5% of your purchases and get free shipping at Target.com.

You can check out the discounted prices below, but another great option is to check the discount tickets to Disneyland is through Get Away Today.  They offer tickets for longer visits (2-5 days) and they also offer the option to add MaxPass to your tickets.

2-Day 1-Park Per Day (ages 10+) $235.00 
Save 5% with Target REDcard (-$11.75)
Final Price = $223.25

2-Day 1-Park Per Day (ages 3-9) $220.00 
Save 5% with Target REDcard (-$11.00)
Final Price = $209.00

2-Day Park Hopper (ages 10+) $290.00 
Save 5% with Target REDcard (-$14.50)
Final Price = $275.50

2-Day Park Hopper (ages 3-9) $275.00 
Save 5% with Target REDcard (-$13.75)
Final Price = $261.25

3-Day 1-Park Per Day (ages 10+) $310.00
Save 5% with Target REDcard (-$15.50)
Final Price = $294.50

3-Day 1-Park Per Day (ages 3-9) $290.00
Save 5% with Target REDcard (-$14.50)
Final Price = $275.50

3-Day Park Hopper (ages 10+) $365.00 
Save 5% with Target REDcard (-$18.25)
Final Price = $346.75

3-Day Park Hopper (ages 3-9) $345.00 
Save 5% with Target REDcard (-$17.25)
Final Price = $327.75

Another great option for discount tickets to Disneyland is through Get Away Today.   This is a reputable company that I have personally used on many occasions and I have always been pleased with the service.  Get Away Today has similiar prices on tickets, and you may be able to save even more by bundling the tickets with a hotel.  I have found that the Getaway Today vacation packages usually always beat the prices of booking your hotel and buying tickets individually.   You can save an extra $10 off your package price by using the discount code THRIVING10 at checkout.

I have tons of Disney posts to help you make the most of your Disney vacations.

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  1. Can you buy these target passes as gifts or is only for the name of purchaser? (I’m looking to buy them as a gift and want to make sure the other person can use them)

    1. These are e-tickets, so they would just take the tickets to the gate. They will exchange the e-tickets for actual tickets at the park entrance and will add their names at that time. You shouldn’t have any problem buying these for other people.

  2. Are you able to link these tickets to your online account to sign up for max passes ahead of the trip? Or only once you turn them into the gate?

      1. Yes, these tickets can be linked. They are electronic tickets and you just scan or enter the number into the Disneyland app.

    1. You should be able to link these tickets to the app, they are just like an e-ticket you would buy from Disney or other Disney ticket retailer. Generally you don’t buy max pass until after you enter the gate. You can buy it ahead of time, but it’s not necessary. There are days where Max Pass may not be needed (if it’s a slower time) or if the popular Max Pass rides your want are down or closed for refurbishment.

    1. You must purchase these tickets by May 18th and they are valid now through 4/13 and 4/23-5/23/19. Ticket expires 13 days from first use or 5/23/19, whichever occurs first.

  3. So if I purchase this I can use one ticket one day for Disneyland and the next day I could use it for California side?

    1. If you buy the 1-park per day ticket, yes. You could go to Disneyland one day and then go to California Adventure the next day. If you buy the Park Hoppers you can go back and forth between the 2 parks on the same day.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful tip! This will be our first to Disney and will be purchasing tickets soon, what would you recommend the 3day Park Hopper or the 3day 1Park? Big thanks! And yeah, I will be reading about your Disney posts too!

    1. Hi Raquel, If you want to save a little extra money I think you could easily go with the 1-park per day tickets. Since it’s your first time, you would probably be best with 2 days at Disneyland and 1 at California Adventure. There is more than enough to see at both parks that it would keep you busy all day and wouldn’t need to park hop. If you have younger kids, keeping to one park per day might be the easier route too. Having said that, the Park Hoppers for the 3-day tickets are a good way to go since the parks are so close you can go in between the 2 easily. If you find one park is too busy for the day, you can hop over to the other one. The good news is you can start out with the 1-park per day ticket and upgrade to the Park Hoppers while you are at Disneyland if you feel you would prefer to do that. You will pay the upgrade price for all 3 days even if you only want to park hop for one day.

  5. Can you link these tickets to the disneyland app BEFORE going to the park? I want to buy the maxpass, but not sure if this will generate the same ticket.

    Undercover Tourist says that you can link their e-tickets to the disneyland app.

  6. Are the tickets that are available st target, for adults. It say ages 3+. I want to be sure they aren’t just child passes

        1. Yes, the passes that say 3+ are for adults. The special promo they have going on through May is the same price for adults and kids. Normally, the tickets for kids would say 3-9 and adults say 10+, but with the special it’s the same for everyone.

  7. Does target not have tickets for longer than 3 days? The links for the 4 day tickets is not working. I can’t find them on the target website either. Thanks.

  8. How long does it take to get the ticket emailed? Going to Disney in 3 days and want to be sure I can get the tickets in time.

  9. for 2 day one park per day ticket, can I decide which park I want to go first ? meaning what kind of information is sent to you in the email ? and guarantee that I will be able to go to two parks ?

    1. The 2-day one park ticket means you will get two days at the parks and you won’t be able to park hop between the two. So you can spend one full day at Disneyland and one full day at California Adventure. If you ant to hop between the parks you would need to buy a 2-day Park Hopper ticket. When you make your reservation you will choose your starting park and then at 1:00 pm you can park hop over to the other one.

  10. Hi I have a question that If I buy 3 days package from Target, could I use it at the same time at one day?

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