Crest Gum and Sensitivity

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I have mentioned before that I am a huge fan of the Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste because it helps to significantly improve my gum health by getting in those hard to reach places. My gums are an area that needs extra attention. The great thing about Crest toothpaste is they come in different varieties because our teeth don’t all have the same needs. My husband suffers from sensitivity issues and now there is a Crest Toothpaste that is perfect for him, Crest Gum and Sensitivity.

New Crest Gum and Sensitivity provides fast sensitivity relief and it also targets the gum line to provide clinically healthier gums. The new formula wraps your teeth in a shield of protection against food and drink that can provide all-day protection from sensitivity issues.

With summer here that means there will be more popsicle eating and ice-cold lemonade drinking. If you have sensitive teeth you can still indulge in your favorite hot or cold treats and drinks with Crest Gum and Sensitivity Toothpaste. Crest Gum and Sensitivity provides fast sensitivity so you can enjoy the foods and drinks you love every day!

Stop by Target to pick up the new Crest Gum and Sensitivity toothpaste and save big with the high value $2 off coupon via the Target Cartwheel app. You’ll find Crest Gum and Sensitivity in All Day Protection and Gentle Whitening formulas.

If you would like to purchase now you can also check it out on!

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