Cat & Jack New Target Clothing Line for Kids

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Target’s newest (and largest ever) line of clothing for kids and baby is called Cat & Jack.  Kids from around the country actually helping design the collection.   The Cat & Jack kids clothing line will hit stores and on July 17th.

Cat & Jack is a Target brand, not a limited-time collection, so it’s here to stay.   Cat & Jack will be replacing the Circo and Cherokee brands.

Here is a peek at some of the pieces for kids and baby.   Make sure you head on over to to check out the entire Cat & Jack clothing line for kids, toddler and baby.   There are some fun pieces!

cat and jack 2 cat and jack 3

cat & jack target cat and jackcat and jack 4cat and jack 5

The Baby Cat & Jack line will be available August 7th online and in-stores on August 14th.  The toddler line will  available in-store and online August 7th.

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  1. I’m in LOVE with the super soft, adjustable waist band jeans for my 3 girls. The selection of styles and cuts are amazing- Thank You!

  2. The clothes line for boys has so much more to chose from but my son received one pair of jeans that has a smell to it. I have now washed them 8 times, I used baking soda, fabric softener, soaked them tried everything and I can’t get it out. The store obviously won’t take it back because it looks washed (as it should) any suggestions?

  3. Can I order any Cat and Jack stuff online from Canada? Anytime I try through the Target website, every item says, “in store only”. I’m bummed. I’d really like to.

  4. So my sister got my daughter some cat and jack clothing and she said something about it having a warranty? Seems odd but thought I’d ask if anybody new anything

  5. Is cat and jack for boys. My husband bought a pair of Cat and Jack jeans but i swear they look like girls jeans.

    1. The Cat & Jack line is for both boys and girls. I think it would say on the tag whether they are boys or girls.

  6. I am trying to buy school uniforms for a girl who has a 34″ waist. The chart says she needs an XL Plus.
    Where can I find that?

    L. Worley

  7. I bought my granddaughter a bathing suit with a unicorn logo by cat&jack very disappointed. I spent $25 on it after one trip in the pool her logo of the unicorn disappeared. Now the bottoms that has unicorns on it faded so badly. This was after one use. Will never buy cat& jack again.

  8. My granddaughter is wearing a red dragon shirt from Cat & Jack today and I just love it. I want one so we can be twins. I’m sure there are a lot of other adults out there that would love to have matching clothing.

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