Cartwheel by Target: Now scan to see if there are any offers to match an item!!

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I found out yesterday when we all shared out total Cartwheel savings on Facebook that you can now scan items to see if there is a Cartwheel offer available for a certain item. Super cool! Scanning makes it so much easier than typing in the name of each and every item you have in your shopping cart.

In order to use the scanning feature you will need the most recent Cartwheel app update.

Here’s how it works.

cartwheel scanner

Open your Cartwheel app, you should see a barcode in the search box, click on that to open the bar code scanner.

cartwheel scan product

Once the scanner pops up, simply scan the barcodes of the items you have in your cart.

add cartwheel offer

If an offer is available, a screen will pop up and you can add the offer to your Cartwheel.

It’s that easy!

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  1. This is really cool, but I’ve been doing this for probably a month now. Maybe they’re just getting around to rolling it out? Anyway, it’s very convenient!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I downloaded an update for my Cartwheel app today; so excited! I thought I’d post a couple of tips that you might already know, but I recently found out so I thought I’d share. I have problems loading my app in the store. I recently found a widget on my android phone that is just your cartwheel bar code. Your bar code never changes, you can even print if off (which is great for those without a smart phone so they can just use Cartwheel on their computer), so you don’t have to load the app while shopping. I also read on the app that Target has guest wi-fi. I didn’t know this before and haven’t tried it yet, but that would save me and others a lot of headaches when using the app in the store. Thanks for the awesome blog!

    1. what is that widget for just the bar code? please I had to factory re set my phone and lost it. It was really convenient

  3. OMG now I want to go back to Target tonight and try it out. I didn’t even know about the search I always looked at the categories and tried to find it. LOL You really rocked my world today. 🙂

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