Cartwheel Offer: 30% off One Spot Items

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Whoo hoo! There is an awesome new Cartwheel offer for 30% off the Target One Spot items.  You can use this offer on 4 items, which means you will be able to pick up $1 items for only $.70.  The $3 items will be only $2.10.   Offer valid through 9/20. and there is a limit of 4 items.  Excludes As Seen on TV items & clearance.

Check out Christy’s Instagram picture of the super cool items she recently found in the One Spot at her Target store.   We’ll have a post up this week with lots of the new items you can find in this section, so keep an eye out for that.


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  1. Don’t forget you can use your Cartwheel in up to six transactions per day, meaning you can net up to 24 items in a single day.

    There’s some great Halloween stuff in One Spot right now too – throw pillows, rugs, table runners, lanterns, wooden wall/tabletop plaques, as well as costume items – can’t beat that for $2.10 a piece!

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