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Hello all!  With everything that is going on with the CoronaVirus, things will change around here a little.  I am located in Washington state where the majority of the COVID-19 cases have been found.  It has been strongly suggested that we stay in our homes and practice social distancing, so that is what my team and I plan to do!   Schools, restaurants and numbers of businesses have closed their doors, and I am wondering if it will be a matter of time before Target may have to follow suit.

Since there are no unnecessary trips to Target we will be taking a break from the weekly coupon match-ups, the clearance updates and the new Dollar Spot posts.   That doesn’t mean that we still won’t have things to share!  We will be sharing some online deals and we have plans to share some fun and creative ways to help you and your family stay entertained while at home.  I posted the following on my All Things Target Instagram account, I hope to keep things as normal and as uplifting as possible. 

I won’t be taking anymore trips to Target for awhile, so what does that mean for my account? Not much really! I’ll still be here sharing the following:

1. I still have some fun Target photos to share (I took tons last month).
2. I’ll share deals you can get online.
3. I’ll be sharing more of my home (We’re in the middle of a remodel so I could use your suggestions on a few things).
4. We’ll be sharing some fun activities that we are doing to stay entertained at home.
5. I have some fun Target e-gift card giveaways planned to thank you all for sticking around.

We wish you all health and safety during these difficult times! 


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  1. Stay safe and healthy! I am in WA also and we have been in house for almost a week now-trying to keep busy and playing a lot of board games and cards! I miss going to Target too!

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